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1 %{help=flush}%{+n}
2 ### %bflush%b <bot>
3 clears the resync buffer for a share-bot. this is useful if you
4 want to start over with a userfile transfer: you can unlink the
5 sharebots, flush the resync buffer, and relink.
7 see also: link, chattr, unlink
8 %{help=set allow-resync}%{+n}
9 ### %bset allow-resync%b 0/1
10 This setting determines if the bot will re-send the userfile every
11 single time a sharebot reconnects, or if it will store changes
12 that occur for %bresync-time%b seconds and send only these when
13 the sharebot reconnects, this has been know to be a bit unreliable
14 in the past, hence the option.
16 see also: set resync-time
17 %{help=set resync-time}%{+n}
18 ### %bset resync-time%b <#>
19 This sets the number of seconds to store resync information for
20 a sharebot before it's assumed to be dead & buried, and therefore
21 the userfile needs to be re-sent.
23 see also: set allow-resync
24 %{help=set private-owner}%{+n}
25 ### %bset private-owner%b 0/1
26 If you are sharing userfiles with someone else, and you don't
27 want the owners on the other bots propogated to your bot,
28 set this.
30 %bNOTE%b if you are sharing passively with someone
31 you will lose *ALL* owners unless you also set the %bowner%b
32 setting.
34 see also: set owner, set private-global, set private-globals
35 %{help=set private-global}%{+n}
36 ### %bset private-global%b 0/1
37 If you are sharing userfiles with someone else, and you don't
38 want %bany%b global flags on the other bots propogated to your bot,
39 set this. It overrides the setting of private-globals.
41 see also: set private-owner, set private-globals
42 %{help=set private-globals}%{+n}
43 ### %bset private-globals%b [flags]
44 If you are sharing userfiles with someone else, and you don't
45 want various global flags on the other bots propogated to your bot,
46 set this to the global flags you would like to remain unaffected.
47 The setting of private-global will override this.
49 see also: set private-owner, set private-global
50 %{help=share module}%{+n}
51 ### help on the %bshare module%b
52 This module provides userfile sharing between two bots, it
53 transfers the userfile when they first connect, and then
54 send updates whilst they are connected to keep the userfiles
55 in sync.
56 Commands available: %bflush%b
57 Tcl settings : %ballow-resync%b %bresync-time%b
58 %bprivate-owner%b %bprivate-global%b
59 %bprivate-globals%b
60 see %b'.help share howto'%b for a step-by-step list of what
61 needs to be done to setup sharing.
62 %{help=share howto}%{+n}
63 ### how to setup sharing with the %bshare module%b
64 First you need to decide 2 things:
65 (1) which bot will be 'active' and which 'passive',
66 the passive bot's userfile WILL GET OVERWRITTEN
67 so choose carefully.
68 We shall call the ACTIVE bot A, the PASSIVE bot B
69 (2) which channels you want to share between the 2 bots.
70 Only the channels you choose to share will have their
71 info shared, ALL global info will be shared.
73 Steps:
74 (1) Do for each of the channels you want to share a
75 .chanset #channel +shared
76 (2) on A type: '.botattr B +s' +s == actively share
77 on B type: '.botattr A +p' +p == passively share
78 (3) for each channel you want shared between the two,
79 on A type: '.botattr B |+s #channel'
80 on B type: '.botattr A |+s #channel'
81 (4) link them together, they should start sharing immediately
82 %{help=all}%{+n}
83 ### commands for the %bshare module%b
84 %bflush%b

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