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Thu Oct 21 19:22:59 1999 UTC (19 years, 6 months ago) by fabian
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1 %{help=dump}%{+m}
2 ### %bdump%b <text>
3 dumps the text to the server. keep in mind that this bot doesn't
4 run through ircII, so ircII commands will most likely not work this
5 way. they need to be raw irc codes. read rfc1459 from ftp.internic.net
6 for more help.
7 %{help=jump}%{+m}
8 ### %bjump%b [server [port]]
9 makes the bot jump to another server. if you don't specify a
10 server, it will jump to the next server in its internal list (see
11 %b'help servers'%b). if you specify a server, it will jump to that
12 server (default port is 6667), and if that server is not in the
13 internal list already, it will add it. jumping servers ALWAYS
14 makes the bot lose ops! be careful!
15 %{help=clearqueue}%{+m}
16 ### %bclearqueue%b <queue>
17 removes all msgs from the specified queue (mode/server/help/all)
18 %{help=servers}%{+o|o}
19 ### %bservers%b
20 lists the servers that the bot has in its server list. this is
21 the list it rotates through when changing servers. it starts
22 with a static list which it loads from its config-file when the
23 bot is booted up. after that, you can add servers with the
24 %b'.jump'%b command. the server list will indicate which server the
25 bot is currently on.
26 %{help=server module}%{+o|o}
27 ### help on the %bserver module%b
28 This module provides all that's need to get a bot on a server and
29 sitting there, it provides server connection, raw irc, private
30 message/notice/ctcp handling.
31 Command(s) avalible: (use %b'.help <command>'%b for more info)
32 %bservers%b %{+m}%bjump%b %bdump%b
33 %{+n}
34 There is also a list of tcl settings avalible,
35 use %b'.help server settings'%b
36 %{help=all}%{+o|o}
37 ### commands for the %bserver module%b
38 %bservers%b %{+m}%bjump%b %bdump%b

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