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1 %{help=notes}
2 ### %bnotes index%b
3 ### %bnotes read%b <# or ALL>
4 ### %bnotes erase%b <# or ALL>
5 lets you manipulate notes that have been stored up for you while
6 you were gone. %b'notes index'%b gives a listing of all the notes
7 stored up: who they are from, and when they were left.
8 %b'notes read'%b lets you read some or all notes, according to a
9 list of numbers and/or intervals separated by semicolon.
10 and %b'notes erase'%b erases notes after you are done with them.
11 ex: notes erase 2-4;8;16-
13 see also: note, whom, noteigns
14 %{help=notes module}
15 ### help on the %bnotes modules%b
16 This module provides the means for storing & retrieving notes
17 at a later stage.
18 Commands:
19 %bnotes%b%{+m} %bfwd%b%{-}
20 (use %b'.help notes'%b for more info)
21 %{+n}
22 Tcl variables:
23 %bnote-life%b %bmax-notes%b %ballow-fwd%b %bnotefile%b
24 (use %b'.help set <variable>'%b for more info)
25 %{help=fwd}%{+m}
26 ### %bfwd%b <handle> [desto]
27 This allows you to set a note forwarding address for a user,
28 this means if a note needs to be stored for the user, the
29 bot will attempt to pass it on to the given user@bot, if
30 the bot is not online then the note is still stored locally,
31 if the other user doesn't exist, the note is lost. Boohoo.
32 %{help=all}
33 ### commands for the %bnotes module%b
34 for users:
35 %bnotes +noteign -noteign noteigns%b
36 %bnote%b
37 %{+m}
38 for admins:
39 %bfwd%b
40 %{-}
42 %{help=+noteign}
43 ### %b+noteign%b%{+m} [user]%{-} <ignoremask>
44 Add a new ignore to the user's note ignore list.
46 See also: -noteign noteigns
47 %{help=-noteign}
48 ### %b-noteign%b%{+m} [user]%{-} <ignoremask>
49 Remove an existing ignore from the user's note ignore list.
51 See also: +noteign noteigns
52 %{help=noteigns}
53 ### %bnoteigns%b%{+m} [user]%{-}
54 List all note ignores. All notes sent from users who match one of the
55 ignore masks will be rejected.
57 See also: +noteign -noteign
58 %{help=note}
59 ### %bnote%b <nickname[@bot]> <message>
60 sends a private note to a user on the party line. if that user
61 is currently on the party line, and not marked as away, she will
62 receive the message immediately. otherwise it may be stored
63 and displayed the next time that user joins the party line. if
64 you join the channel, and have notes stored for you on the bot,
65 it will tell you. to send a note to someone on a different bot,
66 use "nick@bot" for the nickname.
68 see also: whom, notes, noteigns

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