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1 %{help=adduser}%{+m|m}
2 ### %badduser%b [!]<nickname> [handle]
3 Creates a new user record for a user on the channel, using their
4 current hostname. It's similar to a user msg'ing the bot 'hello'
5 except that no information is sent to that user. If the bot
6 already knows someone by that nickname, and the user on the channel
7 doesn't have a bot record, then it does the equivalent of an
8 'ident' for that user -- except that, again, no information is
9 sent to the user telling them that anything was done.
11 If the user is using a different nickname than the bot normally
12 knows her by, you can specify her "handle" (the nickname that the
13 bot remembers).
15 If you want to add a user using a static hostmask, prefix their nick
16 with a '!'. ie .adduser !Lamer
18 see also: +host, -host, +user, -user
19 %{help=deluser}%{+m|m}
20 ### %bdeluser%b <nickname>
21 deletes a user record for a user on the channel, using their
22 current hostname. Channel masters can remove users so long as
23 the user isn't a bot master.
25 see also: adduser, +user, -user
26 %{help=reset}%{+m}
27 ### %breset%b [channel]
28 clears out the bot's channel information and makes it gather the
29 information from the server all over again, as if it had just
30 joined that channel. it's not really useful much, but could be
31 if an odd bug causes the channel information to get scrambled.
32 unfortunately this command used to get a lot of use. you can omit
33 the channel name to make it reset ALL channels.
34 %{help=resetbans}%{+o|o}
35 ### %bresetbans%b [channel]
36 resets the bot's ban list for the channel. any bans on the channel
37 that aren't in the ban list (either the global list or the local
38 channel ban list) will be removed, and if there are any bans in the
39 global ban list or channel ban list that are not currently on the
40 channel, they will be added.
42 see also: bans, reset, console
43 %{help=resetexempts}%{+o|o}
44 ### %bresetexempts%b [channel]
45 resets the bot's exemption list for the channel. this command
46 behaves exactly like resetbans, except it is for exempts.
48 See also: resetbans, resetinvites
49 %{help=resetinvites}%{+o|o}
50 ### %bresetinvites%b [channel]
51 resets the bot's invitation list for the channel. this command
52 behaves exactly like resetbans, except it is for invites.
54 See also: resetbans, resetinvites
55 %{help=act}%{+o|o}
56 ### %bact%b [channel] <text>
57 Performs an action on the current console channel (or otherwise
58 specified channel), as if the bot did it. Just like the /me
59 command in IRC.
61 See also: console
62 %{help=channel}%{+o|o}
63 ### %bchannel%b [channel-name]
64 Shows you an extensive display of the users on a channel, and
65 the current channel attributes. By default, it shows you the
66 channel you are currently viewing on the console, but you can
67 specify another channel if you wish.
69 The first line will look like:
70 Channel #hiya, 8 members, 45 users, mode +tn:
71 This means that the bot is sitting on channel #hiya, where 8
72 other irc'ers are. There are 45 people that the bot knows by
73 hostmask, and the channel mode is +tn. If the bot isn't on
74 the channel it is supposed to be on, it will say "Desiring
75 channel #hiya" instead. Next is a list of the users on the
76 channel, with each entry looking like this:
78 @kantSF kantSF 14:53 o 6m josh@random.edu
79 The "@kantSF" means that the user's nickname is kantSF and that
80 he is a chanop. The second "kantSF" is the nickname that the
81 bot knows him by. Sometimes this will differ from the nickname
82 a person is using. The time displayed is the time the user
83 joined the channel. The next field is the attributes:
84 n - bot owner o - can get ops (+o)
85 m - bot master or owner f - channel friend
86 b - another bot d - cannot get ops (+d)
87 The last field is the user@host he is using irc from.
89 See also: status, whois
90 %{help=voice}%{+o|o}
91 ### %bvoice%b <nickname> [channel]
92 will give a +v voice to a person you specify, so long as the
93 bot is opped on that channel.
95 see also: devoice
97 %{help=devoice}%{+o|o}
98 ### %bdevoice%b <nickname> [channel]
99 will remove the +v voice from the person you specify, so long as
100 the bot is opped on that channel.
102 %{help=deop}%{+o|o}
103 ### %bdeop%b <nickname> [channel]
104 will remove chanop from the person you specify, so long as the
105 bot is opped on that channel, and the person you specify isn't
106 on the bot's list of authorized chanops.
108 see also: op, console
109 %{help=invite}%{+o|o}
110 ### %binvite%b <nickname> [channel]
111 invites someone from irc into your current console channel (or
112 specified other channel). this is most useful when the channel
113 is +i. a user with the +o flag can also request an invite from
114 the bot with /MSG INVITE
116 see also: console
117 %{help=kick}%{+o|o}
118 ### %bkick%b [channel] <nickname> [reason]
119 will kick a user off your current console channel (or specified
120 other channel) with the comment given. if you omit the reason,
121 the default kick comment is "requested".
123 see also: kickban, console
124 %{help=kickban}%{+o|o}
125 ### %bkickban%b [channel] [-|@]<nickname> [comment]
126 kicks a user off the channel and bans her by a reasonable host-
127 mask. your nickname will be attached to the ban in the bot's
128 internal ban list, and the ban will last for whatever is set in
129 ban-time -- only on this channel. use %b'.+ban'%b for a more
130 permanent ban which will be activated on every channel the bot
131 monitors. if you use a comment, that will also be attached to
132 the ban in the ban list, and used as the kick comment.
133 appending a prefix of ! or @ to a nickname changes the ban
134 mask used:
135 eg. with a host of nick!ident@host.name.domain
137 command banmask
138 .kickban nick *!*dent@*.name.domain
139 .kickban -nick *!*dent@host.name.domain
140 .kickban @nick *!*@host.name.domain
142 with a host of nick!~ident@host.name.domain (strict-host set to 1)
144 command banmask
145 .kickban nick *!*ident@*.name.domain
146 .kickban -nick *!*ident@host.name.domain
148 see also: +ban, bans, stick
149 %{help=msg}%{+o}
150 ### %bmsg%b <nickname> <text>
151 sends a private message to someone from the bot, just as if the
152 bot had typed /msg.
153 %{help=op}%{+o|o}
154 ### %bop%b <nickname> [channel]
155 will grant chanop to the person you specify, so long as the bot
156 is opped on that channel, and the person you specify isn't being
157 actively deopped by the bot.
159 see also: deop, console
160 %{help=say}%{+o|o}
161 ### %bsay%b [channel] <text>
162 dumps the text to your current console channel (or other specified
163 channel), as if the bot "said" it.
164 %{help=topic}%{+o|o}
165 ### %btopic%b <text>
166 changes the channel's topic, assuming the bot is a chanop or the
167 channel is not +t (uses your current console channel).
169 see also: console
170 %{help=irc module}%{+o|o}
171 ### help on the %birc module%b
172 the irc module provides the following dcc commmands:
173 %{+o|o}
174 for channel ops:
175 %bresetbans%b %bact%b %bchannel%b %bdeop%b %bsay%b
176 %binvite%b %bkick%b %bkickban%b %bop%b %btopic%b
177 %bresetexempts%b %resetinvites%b
178 %{+o}
179 for global ops:
180 %bmsg%b
181 %{+m|m}
182 for channel masters:
183 %badduser%b %bdeluser%b
184 %{+m}
185 for global masters:
186 %breset%b
187 %{+n}
188 various tcl settings are avaliable and can be viewed by using
189 %b'help set <setting>'%b. Thes include:
190 %blearn-users%b %bwait-split%b
191 %bwait-info%b %bmodes-per-line%b
192 %bmode-buf-length%b %bbounce-bans%b
193 %bbounce-exempts%b %bbounce-invites%b
194 %bbounce-modes%b %bmax-bans%b
195 %bmax-exempts%b %bmax-invites%b
196 %max-modes%b %buse-354%b
197 %{help=all}%{+o|o}
198 ### commands for the %birc module%b
199 for channel ops:
200 %bresetbans%b %bact%b %bchannel%b %bdeop%b %bsay%b
201 %binvite%b %bkick%b %bkickban%b %bop%b %btopic%b
202 %bresetexempts%b %bresetinvites%b
203 %{+o}
204 for global ops:
205 %bmsg%b
206 %{+m|m}
207 for channel masters:
208 %badduser%b %bdeluser%b
209 %{+m}
210 for global masters:
211 %breset%b

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