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Thu Oct 21 19:22:59 1999 UTC (19 years, 6 months ago) by fabian
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1 %{help=files}%{+x}
2 ### %bfiles%b
3 will move you into the file transfer sub-system, if it has been
4 enabled on this bot. from there you can browse through the
5 files online and use dcc file transfers to download and upload.
6 %{help=filesys/cancel}%{+x}
7 ### %bcancel%b <file(s)>
8 tells the bot to stop sending a file that is pending (either
9 queued, waiting, or in the process of being transferred).
11 see also: pending
12 %{help=filesys/cd}%{+x}
13 ### %bcd%b <directory>
14 changes your current directory if possible. this works exactly
15 like the unix command.
17 see also: pwd
18 %{help=filesys/cp}%{+j}
19 ### %bcp%b <source> <dest>
20 copies a file or group of files from one place to another.
22 see also: mv
23 %{help=filesys/desc}%{+x}
24 ### %bdesc%b <file> <description>
25 changes the description for a file. if you are a master or
26 file janitor, you can change the description for any file.
27 otherwise you can only change the descriptions for files you
28 have uploaded.
30 the description is restricted to 3 lines of 60 characters
31 each, and is broken up between words. you can force a line
32 break by putting a '|' in the comment.
33 %{help=filesys/filestats}%{+j}
34 ### %bfilestats%b <user>
35 Reports on the users upload & download statistics.
37 ### %bfilestats%b <user> %bclear%b
38 Clears a users upload & download statistics.
39 %{help=filesys/stats}%{+j}
40 ### %bstats%b
41 Reports your upload & download statistics.
42 %{help=filesys/get}%{+x}
43 ### %bget%b <filename(s)> [nickname]
44 sends you the file(s) requested, over IRC. you should get a
45 DCC SEND notice on IRC, and have your client accept it. if
46 your nickname on IRC is different than the one you use on the
47 bot, you should specify a nickname too. you can also use that
48 to send files to other people. if a file you want is actually
49 on another bot, it may take a little bit longer so be patient.
50 if that bot isn't on the botnet right now, it will say the file
51 isn't availble.
53 there is a limit to the number of transfers you can have going
54 simultaneously, so if you go over this limit, the remainder of
55 your file requests will be queued. as the first files finish
56 transferring, the queued files will be sent.
58 see also: pending, cancel
59 %{help=filesys/help}%{+x}
60 %B file system commands: (wildcard expressions are allowed)
61 %bget%b <file> [nick] send a file over IRC (DCC send)
62 %bpending%b list queued file transfers
63 %bcancel%b <file> cancel a queued file transfer
64 %bls%b [filemask] show list of files in this directory
65 %bpwd%b display present working directory
66 %bcd%b <dir> change current directory
67 %bdesc%b <file> <desc> set description of <file> to <desc>
68 %bstats%b see your upload/download statistics
69 %bquit%b leave the file system
70 %{+j}
71 Janitor only:
72 %bhide share mkdir cp rm lsa%b
73 %bunhide unshare rmdir mv ln sort%b
74 %bfilestats%b
75 %{+x}
76 You can get help on any command via: %bhelp <command>%b
77 (To upload a file, just start your dcc transfer.)
78 %{+n}
79 As a bot owner, there are a number of setting that can be set to
80 configure the file area, use %b'.help set <setting>'%b for more info.
81 Settings:
82 %bfiles-path%b %bincoming-path%b
83 %bfiledb-path%b %bmax-filesize%b
84 %bmax-file-users%b %bupload-to-pwd%b
85 %{help=filesys/hide}%{+j}
86 ### %bhide%b <file(s)>
87 marks a file as hidden, so that normal users can't see it.
88 only a master or file janitor using %b'lsa'%b can see hidden files.
90 see also: unhide, lsa
91 %{help=filesys/ln}%{+j}
92 ### %bln%b <bot:filepath> <localfile>
93 creates a link to a file on another bot. the filepath has to
94 be complete, like '/gifs/uglyman.gif'. if the bot is not
95 connected to the botnet, nobody will be able to download the
96 file until that bot connects again. the local filename can be
97 anything you want.
98 example: ln Snowbot:/gifs/uglyman.gif ugly.gif
100 see also: share, unshare, get
101 %{help=filesys/ls}%{+x}
102 ### %bls%b [filemask]
103 displays the files in the current directory. subdirectories
104 are shown with "<DIR>" next to them, and other files will display
105 their size (typically in kilobytes), who uploaded them (and when),
106 and how many times each file has been downloaded. if a descrip-
107 tion of the file exists, it is displayed below the filename. you
108 can restrict the file listing by specifying a mask, just like in
109 unix.
111 see also: cd, pwd, get
112 %{help=filesys/lsa}%{+j}
113 ### %blsa%b [filemask]
114 works just like ls, but hidden files are displayed too.
115 hidden files are displayed with a "(hid)" next to them, and
116 shared files are displayed with a "(shr)" next to them.
118 see also: hide, share
119 %{help=filesys/mkdir}%{+j}
120 ### %bmkdir%b <dir> [flags [channel]]
121 creates a subdirectory from this one, with the given name. if
122 flags are specified, then those flags are required to enter or
123 even see the directory. you can even specify a channel that the
124 flags are matched against. you can use the %b'mkdir'%b command again
125 to alter or remove those flags.
127 see also: rmdir
128 %{help=filesys/mv}%{+j}
129 ### %bmv%b <source> <dest>
130 moves a file or group of files from one place to another. (it
131 can also be used to rename files.)
133 see also: cp
134 %{help=filesys/pending}%{+x}
135 ### %bpending%b
136 gives you a listing of every file you've requested which is
137 still waiting, queued, or in the process of transferring.
138 it shows you the nickname on IRC that the file is being sent
139 to, and, if the transfer is in progress, tells you how far
140 along the transfer is.
142 see also: cancel
143 %{help=filesys/pwd}%{+x}
144 ### %bpwd%b
145 tells you what your current directory is.
147 see also: cd
148 %{help=filesys/quit}%{+x}
149 ### %bquit%b
150 exits the file system
151 %{help=filesys/rm}%{+j}
152 ### %brm%b <file(s)>
153 erase a file for good.
154 %{help=filesys/rmdir}%{+j}
155 ### %brmdir%b <dir>
156 removes an existing directory, if there are no files in it.
158 see also: mkdir
159 %{help=filesys/share}%{+j}
160 ### %bshare%b <file(s)>
161 marks a file as shared. this means that other bots can get
162 the file remotely for users on their file systems. by default,
163 files are marked as unshared.
165 see also: unshare, lsa, ln
166 %{help=filesys/sort}%{+j}
167 ### %bsort%b
168 sorts the files in the current directory into ascending
169 alphabetical order.
170 %{help=filesys/unhide}%{+j}
171 ### %bunhide%b <file(s)>
172 makes a file be not hidden any more.
174 see also: hide, lsa
175 %{help=filesys/unshare}%{+j}
176 ### %bunshare%b <file(s)>
177 removes the shared tag from a file.
179 see also: share, lsa, ln
180 %{help=all}%{+x}
181 ### commands for the %bfilesys module%b
182 %bfilesys%b

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