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Mon Aug 13 20:47:52 2001 UTC (18 years, 9 months ago) by guppy
Branch: MAIN
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Good bye language.c, lang.h, we knew you so well yet hated you

1 %{help=common}%{+o|o}
2 ### %b(the +c 'common' flag)%b
3 Sometimes a lot of people use irc from the same account, i.e.
4 example, a public telnet site. In that case, many people can
5 have the same user@host. For that reason, they can't use a
6 traditional user record because they will appear to all be
7 the same person.
9 In such cases, create a user record for the account, and mark
10 it +c, or "common access". Marking it as "common access" means
11 that it shouldn't be used as a definitive address. When someone
12 introduces themself to the bot (ie, by /msg'ing "hello")and matches
13 as a +c user, they will be given a new user record which identifies
14 them BY NICKNAME.
16 Obviously people with that kind of user record shouldn't be given
17 much special access, as when they change nicknames the bot
18 will identify them as someone else.
19 %{help=help}
20 DCC COMMANDS for %B, %V:
21 %b who away quit whom me%b
22 %b whois page match motd bots%b
23 %b addlog newpass console chat handle%b
24 %b echo strip su trace fixcodes%b
25 %b info%b
26 %{+t}
27 For botnet masters:
28 %b +bot botattr chhandle chpass +host%b
29 %b -bot link chaddr relay -host%b
30 %b unlink boot bottree botinfo%b
31 %{+m|m}
32 For masters:
33 %b chattr save backup reload status%b
34 %b traffic%b
35 %{+m}
36 %b +user +ignore comment binds ignores%b
37 %b -user -ignore dccstat debug banner%b
38 %b rehash restart uptime clearqueue%b
39 %{+n}
40 For owners:
41 %b die simul module loadmod unloadmod%b
42 %b set tcl rehelp modules%b
43 %{-}
44 All commands begin with '.' and all else goes to the party line.
45 %{+m}Text starting with ',' is sent ONLY to bot-masters.%{end}
46 You can get help on individual commands: %b'.help <command>'%b
47 Extra help relating to loaded modules may be obtained by typing
48 %b'.help <module> module'%b, possible modules include
49 %bassoc%b %bchannels%b %bconsole%b %bctcp%b %btransfer%b
50 %birc%b %bnotes%b %bserver%b %bshare%b
51 These are distributed with the bot, and they may be loaded, others can
52 be added also. You may receive a list of cmds in all loaded modules by
53 using %b'.help all'%b.
54 If you only remember a part of the command's name you are searching
55 for, just use wildcards (e.g. %b'.help *bot*'%b) and all matching help
56 texts will be displayed.
57 %{help=helpparty}
58 %B party-line commands:
59 %b.quit%b leave the party line
60 %b.whom%b [channel] show list of all users on the party line, or
61 on a particular channel
62 %b.whom *%b show list of all users, indicating which ones
63 are on the party line
64 %b.chat%b <channel> move to a channel (valid channels are 1 to 99999,
65 channel 0 is the party line)
66 %b.me%b <action> do an action on the party line
67 %b.note%b <who> <msg> send a private note to someone else on the
68 party line
69 %b.handle%b <handle> changes nick on party line
70 %b.help%b <command> get more help on a specific command
71 The following commands are also available:
72 %b bots newpass email who echo %b
73 %b info away back strip trace%b
74 %b page su fixcodes motd whom%b
75 %b%{+x} files%{-}%b
76 Anything you type that doesn't begin with a '.' goes out to
77 everyone on the party line.
78 %{help=tcl}%{+n}
79 ### %btcl%b <command>
80 executes the command using tcl.
82 See doc/tcl-commands.doc for details on tcl commands added to eggdrop
83 and visit http://dev.scriptics.com/ for more information on tcl.
84 %{help=set}%{+n}
85 ### %bset%b <variable> [value]
86 changes the values of internal settings of the bot, or, if used
87 without a value parameter, shows the current value of a setting.
88 the bot starts out with settings as given in the configuration
89 file. here are the variables eggdrop cares about:
90 %{cols=4}
91 mod-path
92 nat-ip
93 dcc-flood-thr
94 die-on-sighup
95 die-on-sigterm
96 remote-boots
97 max-dcc
98 max-logs
99 enable-simul
100 protect-telnet
101 ident-timeout
102 share-unlinks
103 allow-dk-cmds
104 botnet-nick
105 help-path
106 temp-path
107 userfile
108 motd
109 notify-newusers
110 admin
111 owner
112 my-hostname
113 my-ip
114 network
115 save-users-at
116 switch-logfiles-at
117 connect-timeout
118 reserved-portrange
119 log-time
120 require-p
121 keep-all-logs
122 open-telnets
123 firewall
124 console
125 default-flags
126 whois-fields
127 hourly-updates
128 username
129 ignore-time
130 uptime
131 version
132 numversion
133 telnet-flood
134 %{end}
135 use %b'.help set <variable>'%b for more info on each variable.
136 %{+n}
137 %{help=all}
138 ### %bcore%b commands
139 %b who away quit whom me%b
140 %b whois page match motd bots%b
141 %b addlog newpass console chat handle%b
142 %b echo strip su trace fixcodes%b
143 %{+t}
144 For botnet masters:
145 %b +bot botattr chhandle chpass +host%b
146 %b -bot link chaddr relay -host%b
147 %b unlink boot bottree botinfo%b
148 %{+m|m}
149 For masters:
150 %b chattr save backup reload status%b
151 %b traffic%b
152 %{+m}
153 %b +user +ignore comment binds ignores%b
154 %b -user -ignore dccstat debug banner%b
155 %b rehash restart uptime clearqueue%b
156 %{+n}
157 For owners:
158 %b die simul module loadmod unloadmod%b
159 %b set tcl rehelp modules%b
160 %{-}

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