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1 %{help=chaninfo}%{+m|m}
2 ### %bchaninfo%b <channel>
3 This lists all the settings for the bot on the given channel.
4 It shows any of the following:
5 %bchanmode%b which modes are enforced on the channel, both + and
6 - modes can be enforced
7 %bidle-kick%b kick idle users (non +f's anyway) on the channel
8 after how many minutes (use 0, or dont-idle-kick
9 to turn this off)
10 %{+n}
11 ATTENTION: Due to security concerns, only permanent owners can
12 set the need-* modes.
13 %bneed-op%b tcl command to execute when the bot doesnt have ops
14 %bneed-invite%b tcl command to execute when the bot needs to be
15 invited to the channel (ie channel has mode +i)
16 %bneed-key%b tcl command to execute when the bot needs to find
17 out the key to the channel
18 %bneed-unban%b tcl command to execute when the bot is banned and
19 can't get on the channel
20 %bneed-limit%b tcl command to execute when the bot can't join the
21 channel because the channel is full
22 %{+m|m}
23 The following can be set + or - (eg .chanset #channel -clearbans)
24 %bclearbans%b clear all the channel bans when the bot joins the
25 channel?
26 %benforcebans%b kicks people who match channel bans?
27 %bdynamicbans%b only activate bans on channel when they are needed
28 %buserbans%b allow other users to place bans on the channel
29 %bdynamicexempts%b only activate exempts on channel when needed?
30 %buserexempts%b allow exempts to be set by users directly?
31 %bdynamicinvites%b only activate invites on channel when needed?
32 %buserinvites%b allow invites to be made by users directly?
33 %bautoop%b automatically op users when they join the channel
34 %bbitch%b only allow users with the +o flag to be ops on the
35 channel
36 %bgreet%b say a users info line when they join the channel
37 %bprotectops%b re-op a +o user who gets deopped?
38 %bprotectfriends%b re-op a +f user who gets deopped?
39 %bdontkickops%b never kick +o flag people
40 %bwasoptest%b does a wasop test for +stopnethacks
41 %binactive%b never join this channel, or leave if already joined.
42 Usefull as you can make the bot leave a channel without
43 loosing it's settings or affecting any sharing.
44 %bstatuslog%b log the channel status every 5 minutes
45 %bstopnethack%b de-op anyone who enters the channel with server
46 ops
47 %bcycle%b cycle the channel when it becomes op-less
48 %brevenge%b take revenge on anyone who deops or kicks
49 friends or ops
50 %brevengebot%b take revenge on anyone who deops or kicks
51 the bot
52 %bsecret%b don't provide info about the channel over the botnet
53 %bshared%b share user settings for this channel
54 (%bNOTE%b: this can be set online now)
55 %bautovoice%b this causes the bot to also monitor channel voice
56 settings, using the +v/+q settings.
57 The following are flood settings, they are set by going
58 .chanset <channel> flood-type number:seconds
59 where number & seconds are integers indicating the number of
60 times in how many seconds the flood will be triggered.
61 .chanset <channel> flood-type 0:0
62 (or 0:1 or 1:0) will deactivate the respective flood
63 setting.
64 %bflood-chan%b this defines the flood level for public chatter
65 & actions
66 %bflood-ctcp%b this defines the flood level for ctcp's to the
67 channel (include PING & VERSION), except for ACTION's
68 %bflood-join%b this defines the number of joins from a give
69 user@host that constituts a flood
70 %bflood-kick%b how many kicks in the given time are a flood
71 %bflood-deop%b deops in the given time
72 %{+n|n}
73 See also: %{+n}+chan, -chan,%{+n|n} chansave, chanload, chanset

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