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1 ###### MOTD ######
3 The MOTD (mesasge Of The Day) file is displayed everytime a user opens
4 a dcc chat or telnet session with the bot (so it shouldn't be TOO long).
6 There are a few %-variables you can insert into the motd, which will
7 be interpreted by eggdrop:
9 %b display bold
10 %v display inverse
11 %_ display underline
12 %f display flashing via telnet, bold underline via irc
13 %B bot's nickname (ie, "LamestBot")
14 %V current eggdrop version (ie, "eggdrop v1.5.3+typodoc")
15 %E long form of %V (ie, "Eggdrop v1.5.3+typodoc (c)1997 Robey Pointer (c)1999, 2000 Eggheads")
16 %C channels the bot is on (ie, "#lamest, #botnetcentral")
17 %A whatever is set in 'admin' (see 'set admin')
18 %T the current time (ie, "15:00")
19 %N the current user's nickname (ie, "Robey")
20 %U the current operating system the bot is on
21 %% a percent sign ("%")
23 You can also encode messages which can only be read by people
24 with certain flags:
26 %{+m}Only masters would see this.%{-}
27 %{+1}Only people with user flag #1 see this.%{-}
28 %{+b}This is only displayed to users doing a remote '.motd'
29 from another bot.%{-}
30 %{+|m}Only channel masters would see this.%{-}
31 Other extended % commands are:
32 %{cols=N} start splitting output into N columns
33 %{cols=N/W} same, but use a screen width of W
34 %{end} end columnated or restricted (ie %{+m}) block
35 %{centre} center the following text (70 columns)

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