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Tue Jun 22 20:47:38 2004 UTC (17 years, 4 months ago) by wcc
Branch: MAIN
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* Added server_find script command (server_del, etc needs a server number,
  and there was no way to get one).
* Start of some doc stuff.. I'm going to get SCRIPTING-COMMANDS up to date,
  and then start on an XML doc system (need sample content first).

1 Users and Flags
2 Last revised: March 01, 2003
3 _________________________________________________________________
5 Users and Flags
7 People on IRC are recognized by the bot according to their nick!user@host.
8 That is, if I am on IRC as:
10 *** Robey is robey@hubcap.clemson.edu (i hate milk)
12 Eggdrop will identify me according to "Robey!robey@hubcap.clemson.edu" and
13 not only by my nickname.
15 Eggdrop does not use access levels like some bots. Instead, each user has
16 "flags" that entitle them to certain privileges. A flag can be thought of
17 as a badge. Any user can have any number of flags -- you can have no flags,
18 or you can have all of them. Some flags are good, some are bad. Each flag
19 is identified by a letter. A channel flag applies only to a specific
20 channel, and a global flag applies to all channels. The standard global
21 flags are:
23 a (auto-op) user is opped automatically upon joining a channel.
24 b (bot) user is a bot.
25 e (nethack-exempt) user is exempted from stopnethack protection.
26 f (friend) user is not punished for flooding, etc.
27 g (auto-voice) user is voiced automatically upon joining a channel.
28 j (janitor) user can perform maintenance in the file area of the
29 bot (if it exists) -- like a "master" of the file
30 area. Janitors have complete access to the filesystem.
31 m (master) user has access to almost every feature of the bot.
32 n (owner) user has absolute control. Only give this flag to
33 people you trust completely.
34 o (op) user has op access to all of the bot's channels.
35 p (party) user has access to the partyline.
36 t (botnet-master) user has access to all features dealing with the
37 botnet.
38 v (voice) user gets +v automatically on +autovoice channels.
39 w (wasop-test) user needs wasop test for +stopnethack procedure.
40 x (xfer) user has access to the file transfer area of the bot
41 (if it exists) and can send and receive files to/from
42 the bot.
44 All global flags other then b, x, j, and p are also channel-specific flags.
45 Flags are set with the chattr command. The syntax for this command is:
47 chattr <nickname> [attributes] [channel]
49 There are also 26 global user-defined flags and 26 channel user-defined
50 flags. These are used by scripts, and their uses very depending on the
51 script that uses them.
52 _________________________________________________________________
54 Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2004 Eggheads Development Team

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