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Sat Oct 9 15:46:33 1999 UTC (20 years, 8 months ago) by fabian
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +111 -1 lines
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all changes to the 1.3 tree merged with 1.4

1 segfault 1.1
3     Changes in eggdrop: (Pre v1.4.0)
4     ----------------------------------
6     1.3.29
7     Foundby Fixedby What....
8 fabian 1.2 dw Fabian .chanset wasn't displaying channel limits correctly
9     ranjha Fabian .help * is now converted to .help all
10     Ben Fabian .su doesn't expect a pwd for the target user anymore, if
11     called as an owner
12     dw kicks weren't being logged
13     rtc added assert debugging feature
14     Fabian main() wasn't removing unknown sockets correctly
15     rtc fixed buffer overrun in simple_sprintf.
16     Fabian/ Changed RFC_COMPLIANT flag to dynamic variable setting
17     drummer
18     Fabian probably fixes the "un-allocated socket" problem
19     Ben Fabian eggdrop.conf.dist now talks positively about allow-resync
20     rtc fixed .console to not allow channels starting with '*'.
21     SuperS Fabian if run with '-n', eggdrop now only prints every line once
22     Tothwolf changed the way './configure' checks for Tcl,
23     check for Tcl on freebsd machines properly,
24     Makefile changes.
25     mc Fabian distributed Makefile now only issues a warning instead
26     of automatically starting to configure and compile
27     arthur2 duplicate entries removed from core.english.lang.
28     Beige Fabian killsock() could accidently free unused socket entries
29     Tothwolf/ fixed way we get version number for Tcl_PkgProvide()
30     ^PRS4^
31     rtc quesedilla updated to v5
32     rtc alltools updated
33     dw Eule enforcebans with split
34     Tothwolf Removed obsolete [time] and [date] commands, Tcl7.6 and
35     later uses [time] to time the execution of code.
36     Scripts should now use [strftime] or compat.tcl should
37     be loaded.
38     rtc german language pack update
39     rtc fixed wire.mod/filesys.mod install to copy
40     ALL lang files
41     Tothwolf fixed cmd_channel() calling get_user_flagrec() twice,
42     ordering of status char, and removed redundant checking
43     dw it said 'JOIN flood from @%s! Banning.'
44     for nick floods.
45     reddawg rtc md5 make could fail on some OS
46     dw Users with chanflag +o could gain access to any
47     channel using /msg bot invite <pass> #chan
48     Eule fixed recheck_channel in got_op
49     dw moved 'msg already queued. skipping...' to a debug
50     message and added what it skips for debugging reasons.
51     Ben Fabian minor doc changes to eggdrop.conf.dist
52     rtc fixed .whois to properly display local channels in
53     console records
54     rtc .chat should only care about the first argument and
55     tell the user's current channel if not given one
56     rtc save console settings on '.page', '.chat', '.echo' and
57     '.strip', not on '.quit' and dcc disconnect.
58     drummer misc blowfish bug fixes
59     rtc tweaked the nick regain code some more
60     L0RE Fabian console settings are saved on '.quit' and dcc disconnect
61     Fabian/ rtc SEGV with sharing bug track debug messages could
62     rtc cause SEGV in some cases ;)
63     DVS01 DVS01/ the dcc_tables in transfer.mod were missing DCT_VALIDIDX
64     guppy
65     guppy removed the count argument from add/rem_builtins
66     rtc the bot now logs syntax errors in the config-file
67     after a .rehash/.restart before it exits.
68     rtc more configure.in fixes, removed two out of three warnings
69     rtc fixed .chat to accept the proper channel range (0-99999)
70     rtc several putlogs had superflous newlines
71     rtc fixed memleak in fstat_unpack
72     rtc fixed tcl setuser crash and filesys stats
73     rtc small doc corrections/additions
74     charvel Fabian got_op/got_deop were not setting the flags correctly
75     before calling add_mode
76     Fabian/ Added doc/BUG-REPORT
77     flash
78     Fabian moved .note into notes module
79     Fabian added several exported module functions to modvals.h
80     rtc fixed signed/unsigned integer mess up (aka .dccstat/
81     tcl dcclist bug)
82     Eule find out key-info on IRCu-based Server
83     rtc updated weed script
84     ZiMiaS dw dcc enter password wasnt using the lang file.
85     rtc guppy cmd_chnick and cmd_nick were rewritten to not accept nicks
86     with spaces in them ...
87     rtc guppy if a bot tries to link using our botnetnick, its rejected,
88     and logged.
89     Wiktor Fabian removed tiny compile warning.
90     charvel Fabian made the code check the ismember result everywhere now
91     toot Fabian removed debug message in notes module
92     rtc Fabian eggdrop.doc fixes
93     rtc Fixes version variable not to have a leading zero if major
94     release number <= 9.
95     DVS01 guppy added a timestamp value to the end of tcl_dcclist
96     Fabian fixed memory accounting problem in the channels module
97     mho Fabian rename doesn't handle cross-filesystem moves. Enhanced
98     movefile to do so now.
99     Fabian when compiling, EBUG_MEM gets passed to the modules now
100     Eule read first channel-modes, before who-list
101     Eule sentmodememberlistflags now in real_add_mode
102     Fabian fixed memory accounting error related to info fields.
103     G`Quann Fixes a clearqueue option typo (server and not serv).
104     Cybah Removed over 450 lines of code by unifying most of the
105     ban, exempt and invite code.
106     Eule fixed msg_ident autoop.
107     poptix Fabian race in tmp-dir test
108     SuperS Fabian tiny compability fix in misc.c for osf
109     Jason New .stick handling
110     Fabian Adjusted +revenge to be sane; added +revengebot flag
111     XGen Fabian added tcl call putkick
112     Eule fixed msg_ident-autoop
113     okey Fabian fixed tcl_dumpfile
114     dw Fabian removed string stripping code from set_handle_chaninfo()
115     Fabian moved notes reject code to notes module; reorganized module
116     Fabian added notes ignore feature
117     rtc quotes [] were missing in AC_MSG_RESULT in configure.in.
118     Cybah contextnote() now works for modules.
119 segfault 1.1 Charvel poptix nrealloc() called with too few args in non-debugmem mode.
120     poptix Removed two FIXME's that need not be.
121     Fabian Allows users to ignore messages from others by setting
122     note ignore masks. e.g.: .+noteign *@foobot
123     Fabian Fixed memleak in xtra_set.
124     Fabian added user_realloc
125     Fabian New language system. Splitted sections and languages.
126     drummer -chrec sechole: chan/global masters can remove chan/global
127     owners' chanrec.
128     Johoho/ doc/BOTNET update.
129     Ben
130     arthur2 Fabian refresh_ban_kick doesn't kick friends anymore
131     Fabian kick_all was counting too many bytes; cleanup
132     mho tcl_delchanrec can now delete chan recs for non-existant
133     channels
134     Lucas changed the default DCC block size from 0 to 1024
135     TheUnknown guppy made cmd_reset(exempts/invites) work like cmd_resetbans
136     arthur2 guppy missing a rem_builtin in filesys.
137     Fabian Added '.help all' and '.help *somestring*' to the
138     standard .help text.
139     Dude Dude during a make install and sinstall, telnet-banner wasn't
140     being copied to the DEST dir like it should.
141     Tothwolf Ian/guppy made cmd_resetbans take a channel argument
142     drummer Fabian Empty xtra fields are deleted now.
143     Lucas Lucas (very) small change in the config file (example of log).
144     dw new todo system at http://todo.eggheads.org
145     Tothwolf guppy another +g bug when sharing channel bans/exempts/invites on
146     link ...
147     arthur2 arthur2 fixes more of the places where quiet_reject should have
148     been used.
149     Ian ignore wrong modes.
150     Fabian reverse of newsplit.patch, now only removes extraneous
151     spaces from dcc and msg commands.
152     Eule Memberlistflag-fixes
153     TheUnknown arthur2 mutliple modes were sent by bot. missing
154     SENTDEOP/OP/DEVOICE/VOICE/KICK flags in irc.mod.
155     Cybah arthur2 bot could deop itself.
156     toot Fabian fixed all(?) strchr(CHANMETA, c) calls to check c != 0
157     and some minor other stuff
158     Fabian added env var to define language directory
159     drummer .console now saves our console settings not a CHOF bind
160     Lucas/ Lucas Adds a new config option, quiet-save. If set, "Writing user
161     NESS file..." & "Writing channel file ..." aren't logged.
162     Fabian speeded up '.help all', added help entries
163     Fabian removed length limitation from language entries
164     drummer/ .chanset drops wrong modes.
165     Mixter
166     thx-1138 Fabian altnick may contain '?'s which get translated to random
167     numbers.
168     Q Fabian added env var to pass language or complete path to file
169     drummer Fabian Fixed memory leak in assoc module when restarting
170     mho Changed the ! prefix in .kickban to - (channel conflicts)
171     Cybah Challenge/response system using MD5 digests for botnet
172     links. No more cleartext passwords while linking :))))
173     Fabian Removed all occurences of movefile
174     Fabian only reading notes file on join when really needed
175     Ben/ Fabian Don't share exempt and invite lists with bots which don't
176     Mixter support these.
177     Fabian/ newsplit() now removes _all_ spaces between the two parts
178     Ian
179     Fabian changed nrealloc() to allow ptr == NULL
180     slenny Fabian Only displaying each skipped Channel once now
181     Fabian DCC SENDs with long filenames don't lead to SEGV anymore
182     Fabian added wild match support to help, added '.help all'
183     slenny Fabian Not saving ignore list several times anymore
185     1.3.28
186     Foundby Fixedby What....
187     dude Fabian telnet banner added to config file
188     jkw jkw 64 bit *nix fix for dcc chat problems
189     drummer usermode_r fix
190     drummer DCC Log fix
191     Fabian telnet-banner was broken; added use-telnet-banner flag
192     drummer more proxy changes in net.c
193     slennox drummer minor fix to +inactive and tcl_botonchan
194     drummer tcl unset fixes
195     drummer a fix to the +s-p mode flood patch
196     SegFault SegFault Default for linux is now to make debugmem when you
197     type make, this will help debug better.
198     dw Changed debug msg to an url instead of an email addy.
199     drummer global channel set stuff.
200     matt arthur2 Expired function didn't test for use_exempts/invites.
201     drummer Fixed channels.c file printf when flood settings were 0.
202     drummer Removed ischaninviteonly() and moved use-invites/exempts
203     to the core.
204     Rufus -clearbans stops the bot from expiring bans/exempts/invites
205     set by bots who are still in the channel and have chanop
206     to prevent repeating -b/+b on channels with bots that are
207     not sharing their banlist (same with +e/-e and +I/-i).
208     to disable this set force-expire 1
209     arthur2 Rufus core dump when expiring bans/exempts/invites which are
210     set by someone who is not in the bots userlist.
211     Johoho rewrote doc/BOTNET and doc/patch.howto
212     Rufus arg instead of args in tcl-commands.doc
213     Kimmo "last message repeated" flood fixed
214     various guppy removed the static tcl check for now
215     Jason more exempt/invite fixes/changes
216     dw using chattr to change chanflags w/o a '|' made
217     the bot wipe botflags from the chan.
218     mho duplicate ban fix
219     drummer some proxy fixes, short->default int in mem.c
220     Mixter Mixter fclose() on file that was not able to be opened
221     (chanfile)
222     poptix crash-on-start from long PATCH() macro's
223     poptix poptix configure now looks in /lib for tcl (heh!)
224     poptix configure now detects and uses tcl8.2, fixed typo in
225     configure, 'to/too'.
226     guppy minor share changes dealing with chan exempts/invites
227     dw added the new chanset options to the help
228     guppy Fixes removing of bans/exempts/invites in a non sharing
229     environment
230     guppy moved puthelp/serv/quick to the server module
231     guppy removed useless var in tell_verbose_(status/uptime)
232     John guppy share channel bans/exempts/invites correctly upon linking.
233     Jason guppy share exempts/invites when sharebots first link
234     raeK arthur2 Fixes problem with -cycle/-autovoice channel settings.
235     Jason arthur2/ -userbans doesn't have to unban server bans (on rejoin).
236     Rufus/Jason
237     John` guppy help_subst wasn't using botname for irc help.
238     poptix poptix default Makefile that runs ./configure then make,
239     changed 'make dist' so that the default is as above
240     instead of './configure ; make install'
241     Eule enforce flood protect against ignored hosts
242     Eule Eule Patch to fix kicking bug in joinflood
243     \-\iTman Jason Adds use-exempts/use-invites.
244     +I modes set when a user wants to join a +i channel
245     (by messaging the bot).
246     +e modes set when a matching ban is set, and expires
247     after the ban has been removed.
248     Dude Dude lots of changes to userinfo1.0.tcl (too many to name).
249     arthur2 './eggdrop -m' instead of 'eggdrop -m' in language
250     files.
251     Jason arthur2 chan->ircnet_status &= ~CHAN_ASKED_EXEMPTS/INVITED and
252     not chan->status &= ~CHAN_ASKED_EXEMPTS/INVITED
253     (chan.c)
254     poptix poptix .botinfo buffer overflows (remote/local), cosmetic
255     fixes.
256     slennox poptix .botinfo dupes
257     dw .help chaninfo showed you could use no-idle-kick
258     as argument to idle-kick, infact it's dont-idle-kick.
259     \-\itman dw small config file changes
260     poptix changed strcasecmp to rfccasecmp in nick handling
261     code, small cpu optimization
262     various guppy more nick regain stuff
263     F|ame typo in .-chan command (channels.mod/cmdschan.c).
264     dw added default chanset's for .+chan
265     guppy host sharing with bots, other misc botnet commands.
266     drummer drummer .say fixes/improvements
267     poptix unresolved hosts got rejected by dcc-sanitycheck
268     dude poptix 0x660 language file fix.
269     matt minor language file fixes
270     Mixter fix for the tcl static check
271     Jason new channel settings for the +e/+I support.
272     slennox removed unused 'recycle' stuff.
273     arthur2 % and & added to BADNICKCHARS.
274     Jason Adds +e/+I mode support in userfile and partyline.
275     drummer a bug in the note system
276     Mixter configure checks if tcl is statically linked or not
277     guppy if we .-chan and the chan is inactive dont send PART
278     drummer/ fixed tcl_duration
279     Fabian
280     drummer call HOOK_PRE_REHASH before we clear the userlist
281     drummer bug in proxy_connect()
282     drummer more changes to channel_inactive
283     toot drummer dont use +bitch is we have no userlist
284     drummer reworked how default flags work
285     drummer you can now set nonperm sticky bans
286     drummer tcl_setuser() bugs
287     drummer action.fix.tcl now handles {} properly
288     guppy cmd/msg_status reported origbotname not botnetnick when
289     saying "I am <bot>, running eggdrop <ver> blah"
290     John` arthur2 typo by poptix in configure.in
291     guppy removed newbotname, we dont assume our nick anymore
292     guppy minor updates to README
293     matt guppy missing 'cvs login' in the README
294     Lobo^Loco/John` updates README: basic cvs usage, mailing list,
295     John` how to obtain eggdrop, upgrading eggdrop, getting help.
296     hath/ John` Cosmetic changes to eggdrop.conf.dist, lots
297     John` of little fixes :P
298     Lobo^Loco/John` updates for tcl-commands.doc, gives a fix
299     John` for the changed MODE bind (the fix is by guppy)
300     guppy updated copyright info to include eggheads
301     John` the config tried to use $owner before it was set
302     arthur2 Added a +protectfriends channel setting, to re-op +f users.
303     guppy improved nickregain code (again?)
304     Tothwolf/ Fixed nasty little bug in refresh_ban_kick() that made
305     ^PRS4^ the bot only ban a global ban on the first channel the
306     banned nick joined if he/she joined more then one channel
307     in 60 seconds. Hi pba!
308     drummer Fixes the killdcc bug described on eggdev@
309     Fabian Added a telnet banner much like motd (customizable)
310     Ernst Ernst autobotchk fixes (for SCO and SunOS)
311     Ernst Ernst userinfo1.0 with TCL 8.0 fix
312     Alex If started with -m and usefile exists, warn and
313     continue instead of exiting. Minor cosmetic lang fixes
314     dw Added setting to allow +f users to override
315     telnet flood protection
316     G`Quann Added queue utilities, queuesize, clearqueue, etc
317     drummer Don't deop a user on netjoin if they are +a.
318     drummer .+ban .-ban .info fixes.
319     Tothwolf fixes for ban/exempt/invite bogus bounce/kick stuff.
320     drummer Fixed multiple 'password required' msgs during linking.
321     drummer irc.c fixes.
322     SKY/Michael fixed cmds.c, .loadmod can be used only by permowner now
323     Eule flush_mode fix for I/e modes.
324     arthur2 CHAN_BOGUSBAN and CHAN_BOGUSUSERNAME were inverted.
325     michael cybah Fixed problems with lang patch.
326     michael Update to man pages - still had Robey's mail address.
327     michael modified dcc.c for better language support.
328     arthur2 Share fixes.
329     John` .help chaninfo missing how to deactivate flood*
330     settings.
331     Nidhogg John` updates tcl-commands.doc to behaviour of [chattr
332     handle channel].
333     guppy fix to .-bot and .-user not working properly
334     slt arthur2 doesn't reverse bans anymore when they only *remotely*
335     match any of our hostmasks.
336     L0RE drummer '/msg bot notes <pass> read all' didnt work.
337     AmnesiAc drummer dont strip ASCII between 126 and 224 from strings before
338     sending them to the tcl interpreter.
339     SuperS drummer die, jump and reset msg cmds didnt check for an empty passwd.
340     drummer .-chan no longer tells sharebots to remove all bans for
341     that channel.
342     drummer .-chrec now works on non-existant channels.
343     drummer Dont display info line when on channel -1 (chat off).
344     Dude cybah '.chinfo handle' now does as expected
345     drummer chan/global masters could remove chan/global owners' chanrec.
346     Tothwolf More minor source cleanups.
347     Tothwolf Added date/time procs to compat.tcl
348     Tothwolf Minor source cleanups.
349     Dicctr0s guppy cmd_mns_user, only cares about the first parm now.
350     guppy dcc_telnet_id, changed what it says for nicknames that are not
351     a valid format.
352     guppy turn stealth telnet off by default, and ident-timeout default
353     is now 5 instead of 30 (poptix agreed)
354     John` notify-newusers now defaults to $owner in eggdrop.conf.dist
355     John` Minor changes to eggdrop.conf.dist (logfiles)
356     dw dw/John` updated README (frequent problems with tcl after
357     admins upgrade, ./configure looking for tcl in the
358     wrong places etc)
359     John dw Minor changes to Makefile.in to make it easier.
360     Stu John` init-server +w not needed as 99% of the users
361     dont use it, just causes unneccessary traffic.
362     arthur2 Added some missing quiet_reject in server.mod.
363     arthur2 NOTICEs had to be sent through DP_HELP.
364     dw Added glob/chan +g as in give auto-voice.
365     this is working as +a but for voice instead.
366     cybah Fixes for .chattr/.botattr/mkdir commands using CHANMETA.
367     Those commands now handle +channels properly.
368     drummer Fix for -/+inactive channel option.
369     hath drummer Fixed bug in /msg <bot> key
370     drummer /me (CTCP ACTION) floods are now treated as privmsg floods.
371     Wull arthur2 Added more/better support for different channel types (#&+!)
372     poptix nickjoinflood stuff.
373     Tothwolf Minor cleanup of action.fix.tcl and compat.tcl.diff.
374     Tothwolf put space between number and name in output of [duration]
375     Tothwolf dumpfile and dccdumpfile now work for files outside text/
376     Tothwolf Various updates to alltools.tcl
377     Tothwolf src cleanups.
378     slennox poptix chan->next being NULL on chan_autoop() in adduser
379     crashes, this was a logic error(coder error), i wonder
380     if this is causing problems elsewhere =)
381     Mixter Fixed a typo in share.mod/share.c (no mode dcc
382     connections).
383     arthur2 3 missing & (& instead of &&) in notes.mod/notes.c
384     drummer missing \n in two dprintf's
385     drummer Fixed .adduser with static hostmask problem.
386     guppy new tcl bind: evnt (hurray!!)
387     guppy -host's on shared bots now work .. *shrug*
388     drummer Ignore unknown options in the chanfile.
389     drummer notefiles should be mode 600.
390     drummer Added different ways to use .kickban with !nick and @nick.
391     (see .help kickban for more info)
392     drummer use the chankey on JOIN if known.
393     drummer chanset (+autovoice/+autoop/+bitch/+enforcebans) will now
394     update channel on-the-fly, you wont need to do a
395     .reset #chan.
396     drummer Fixed bug in fixfrom() (server.mod).
397     drummer Fixed half removed notify-onjoin.
398     drummer Added +inactive channel option. When set, the bot will
399     leave the channel.. when unset, the bot will join the
400     channel.
401     Tothwolf more cleanups...
402     Tothwolf fixes for freebsd's way of installing tcl
403     arthur2 fixed bad behaviour between + and & channels.
404     guppy added tcl_isbotnick <nick>
405     guppy dcc/msg_info didn't send NULL to remove chan info, also
406     tcl_setchaninfo now supports using "none" to remove info,
407     and rewrote it to prevent it crashing on non-existant
408     channels.
409     guppy '=== Fred: X channels, X users.' should use the botnetnick
410     not origbotname when starting up.
411     guppy msg_ident follows the old style .. ie: if you are
412     identd, and try it to identd, it wont fail.
413     Tothwolf src cleaning and indenting. A 2 space per level indent,
414     with a Kernighan & Ritchie coding style.
415     Al3X Adds #define BADNICKCHARS and #define EGG_NOWRITE
416     get_language(0x703).
418     1.3.27
419     Foundby Fixedby What....
420     poptix Dalnet doesn't follow the RFC, now need to remove
421     RFC_COMPLIENT for the bot to correctly run on these
422     networks (see configure).
423     Tothwolf Removed obsolete SIGUSR1/SIGUSR2 signal handling since
424     tcl8.1's threads uses these signals.
425     poptix poptix 2 possible, 1 confirmed crash in notes handling.
426     drummer Added tcl command encpass and put it in tcl-commands.doc
427     drummer Fixed some strcmp's that should have been strcasecmp
428     (botnet.c)
429     Tothwolf/Cybah Fixed the stdarg.h/vararg.h problems with tcl8.1.
430     Cybah updated .help adduser with the new static hostmask stuff
431     from drummer.
432     Tothwolf more rfc fixes, small Makefile.in change, typo in notes.c
433     arthur2 doc/nets.list file removed. more than 2/3 of those
434     botnets didn't exist anymore.
435     hath arthur2 .su' .quit rejoined message was redundant.
436     Mixter Fix for bot sending back an error on some bogus dcc's even
437     though quiet_reject was turned on.
438     drummer .adduser !<nick> will add nick using a static hostmask.
439     bugfixes to .deluser.
440     hath More spelling mistakes in cmds1.help.
441     hath Spelling mistakes in notes.help.
442     slennox private-user now works much more effectively
443     Tothwolf fixed overflow problems in masktype() and maskname()
444     Tothwolf small cleanup of allow_dk_cmds in flagrec_ok()
445     dw use dcc-portrange to check telnet src port also.
446     no longer allows telnets from invalid ips (*.255,*.0)
447     arthur2 ctcp-mode 2 now uses flood-ctcp setting.
448     there was a confusion between flood_thr and flud_thr
449     in the src.
450     Hath adds wire module to eggdrop.conf.dist file.
451     dw/vertex fixed 'read/write integer couplets' in tcl.c
452     no more corrupted set var x:y read from the conf file
453     now should global-flood-..setting for .+chan work, enjoy.
454     cybah removed the obsolete dir
455     arthur2 'make install' also installs src/mod/*.mod/*.lang
456     language files.
457     arthur2 renames help/chaninfo in help/chaninfo.help.
458     deadgrrrl arthur2 channels.mod wasn't properly accounting for the memory
459     it used.
460     SuperS adds support for irix64 shells.
461     arthur2 .+chan now sets the new channel's flood-settings equal to
462     the global-flood-settings in the bots config.
463     set flood-settings to 0:0 to *deactivate* them (it no
464     longer uses flood-ctcp and flood-msg as default).
465     arthur2 removed extern declaration of unused vars in /src/*.c
466     guppy minor lang fixes in all 3 lang files.
467     Tothwolf sanity check in flood check settings.
468     various poptix small snprintf prob in misc.c
469     Q you should use my_memcpy, and not memcpy.
470     Q don't dereference functions.
471     Q flush_mode() wrote in post[-1] if it was an empty string.
472     hath guppy minor doc changes
473     drummer patch to avoid +s-p +p-s floods, and .status will now
474     show "xx members" or "inactive" or "pending"
475     drummer new Tcl variable: connect-server, the bot will call this
476     just before it connects to a server.
477     drummer lagmeter support for IRCnet
478     drummer can now shutoff the annoying notes notify on join
479     drummer getchanhost/nick2hand/hand2nick no longer require that you
480     specify a channel to look on
481     Tothwolf poptix werent fully rfc compliant, caused some crashes in
482     certain circumstances, 107KB patch to fix everything,
483     included some optimizations also.
484     poptix guppy perm owners can su to owners without a password
485     Michael guppy cmd_chnick can't be used to change perm owners anymore
486     Mixter guppy tcl_pushmode should allow -l without an arg
487     guppy added a few channels.mod functions to the function list
488     dw guppy made the bot regain its altnick
489     guppy bot now watches NICK and QUIT messages .. to see if it
490     should grab its original name.
491     cybah stealth-telnets shouldnt be read-only, fixed.
492     guppy must-be-owner is now read only ...
493     Tothwolf minor fixes to Makefile.in and src/Makefile
494     drummer blowfish "" fix, and added putdccraw tcl command.
495     Al3X Cosmetic changes to net.c
496     Daemus guppy alltool's number_to_number had a small bug
497     guppy typos in some of the doc files
498     bass guppy english.lang, number 0x906 was screwy ..
499     cybah Added stealth-telnets option to config, so the banner
500     doesnt get displayed when people telnet the bot.
501     arthur2 Added +wasoptest channel setting, makes as if all +o
502     users have +w flag on that particular channel.
503     Creative1 Creative1 Fixed buffer-overflow bugs on botinfo, status, etc...
504     when bot was on a lot of channels.
505     Plex Creative1 Fixed eof that didn't store console changes when a
506     user left 'incorrectly'
508     1.3.26
509     Foundby Fixedby What....
510     dw added set quick-logs, if enabled flush logs
511     every minute instead of every 5 and check log
512     size to if enabled (read eggdrop.conf.dist)
513     TheUnknown arthur2 chanmode +l with no specified limit was buggy (stupid
514     +l mode flood).
515     dw max-logsize wasnt working 0 didnt disable it
516     and it tryed to write to the logfile after
517     closing it and before moving it..
518     minimum max-logsize removed.
519     MC_8 dw testip(alltools) didnt return 0 in every case when
520     checking an invalid ip.
522     1.3.25
523     Foundby Fixedby What....
524     Lobo^Loco poptix Added max-logsize, allows you to set a maximum logfile
525     size.
526     slennox Successful dcc/telnet logins are logged.
527     \-\itman slennox Added channel set example for +seen to eggdrop.conf.dist.
528     Michael/ Adds core.german.language to /language.
529     C_Olli Use '.language core.german' to load it.
530     Daemus Added traces for net-type, so some variables don't get
531     munged.
532     Dude cybah Fix for msg_status bug where the bot is in many channels.
533     guppy rewrote gotinvite, it now only accepts 1 invite per
534     30 secs to a channel, instead of per nick
535     Michael Added something to the motd
536     Daemus Two typos fixed in irc.mod KICK comments ":I ".
537     IGNORE_NAME and BAN_NAME should be used where needed.
538     Daemus Fix for msg_hello, nick length has to be HANDLEN and
539     not 9.
540     ??/ dw .help chaninfo missed 'cycle'
541     John`
542     Tothwolf Added a call to Tcl_PkgProvide() in src/tcl.c to
543     register eggdrop in the package(n) list.
544     drummer cybah Fixes crash if someone is stupid enough to killdcc their
545     controlling idx/socket when we're trying to tell them it's
546     closed (ie txt is ""). Updated tcl-commands.doc.
547     cybah Small fixes to a couple of sig-handlers that were
548     displaying incorrect context info.
549     cybah Really for the dev-team... added contextnote() to aid
550     bug-tracking. eg contextnote((string) ? string : "null").
551     cybah Logs now say 'last message repeated n times' to help
552     with the large log-file problem.
553     michael Small share helpfile update.
554     mho arthur2 deop for join flood was buggy.
555     Eule Better nick-flood protection. Tries to kick the actual
556     nick, and not the old one, as nick chasing is not
557     efficient after a few seconds.
558     dw/ dw/ '+bot *!login@hostmask #channel comment' crashed the bot.
559     Johnny arthur2
560     Q guppy Fixed an old bug in tcl.c.
561     Eule/ Adds ctcp-mode 2: bot doesn't answer more than C CTCPs
562     arthur2/ in S seconds. C/S are defined by set global-flood-ctcp C:S.
563     dw
564     drummer Fixes firewall bug. Default port of Sock4/5 firewalls
565     is 1080 not 178.
566     drummer cycle didn't work well. Bot parts the channel if it
567     has op but hasn't got the chanlist.
568     drummer Fixes a blowfish bug (.tcl encrypt/decrypt "" "exploit").
569     drummer/ drummer Fixes the famous dcc bug, which permitted +x users to
570     slennox/ crash a filesys bot.
571     Daemus
572     guppy Added tcl_duration and updated tcl-commands.doc.
573     Dude dw /msg help lead to garbage in some cases.
574     Michael Add-ons to the chaninfo help file for +shared and
575     need-*.
576     slennox arthur2 lemmingbot kick reason wasn't explicit enough.
577     Michael/ guppy/ need-* settings can only be set by perm owners if
578     vod/ Daemus must-be-owner is set in the config.
579     toot
580     Dagmar Dagmar/ Fix for rfc1459 related problems. Improper use of
581     arthur2 strcasecmp/strncasecmp.
582     Dude guppy Fixed a .su bug, problem with NULL ptr.
583     Lobo^Loco Crotale Trailing spaces failed to match with .-unstick/.-ban.
584     guppy Added msg_save.
585     guppy Beldin forgot to add $server-online and [botlist] to
586     tcl-commands.doc I think, added them now.
587     guppy Added tcl_islinked (no more lsearch'ng [bots]).
588     toot guppy msg_rehash saves the userfile now.
589     John` guppy userinfo1.0.tcl had some probs with {}[].
590     guppy tcl_die exits properly now, (ie: saves userfile).
591     guppy/dw Added dcc-portrange 1024:65535.
592     guppy README should use ftp.scriptics.com not sunlabs.com
593     KuNgFo0 guppy Added .backup since there is a [backup] cmd.
594     guppy Added .uptime to core.help (forgot in my patch).
595     guppy dcc.c was using 'buf' instead of 'dcc[idx].host' in some
596     places, so you didn't get the incoming host.
597     toot guppy dcc.c now ignores source ports lowers than 1024.
598     John` arthur2 Bot didn't compile on BSD/OS with old 2.7 gcc.
599     toot arthur2 If strict-host off, quickban will replace first login
600     letter by a * (except if it's a 1 letter login).
601     (strict-host on doesn't put this *).
602     KuNgFo0 guppy Added [botisvoice <chan>].
603     guppy Segfault/ Fixes an annoying .su bug from 1.3.15.
604     guppy
605     mho guppy/ net-type 2 now has a kick-method of 1.
606     arthur2/ must_be_owner now works into server module. It applies
607     dw now to .dump command.
608     Dude arthur2 Silence bug must be fixed.
609     herz arthur2 Bot kicks exempted banned users when coming back from
610     a split.
611     toot arthur2 Fixes the net-type problems.
612     Bass Fixed a typo 'begining' -> 'beginning'.
613     CHaiNeSS Fixed +w flag addition
614     arthur2/ Adds the tcl-var ctcp-mode to the ctcp module. Set it
615     Crotale to "paranoid" to make the bot answers only to CTCP
616     PING & CTCP CHAT requested by +o flag users. All
617     others CTCP will be ignored.
618     Dude Daemus Only asks for +e/+I modes when net-type is set to 1.
619     toot Daemus Fixes the .deluser bug. isowner wasn't defined in
620     global_table array (modules.c).
621     John` CHaiNeSS Bot crashed receiving a +k server mode with no
622     specified key.
623     John` CHaiNeSS Bot crashed receiving a +l server mode with no
624     specified limit.
626     1.3.24
627     Foundby Fixedby What....
628     arthur2 Adds a ban-fun flag.
629     vod Adds a ban-bogus flag.
630     Tothwolf Fixes a problem in #define CLIENTINFO, in CTCP module.
631     Shayne arthur2 Most efnet servers only allow 4 kicks per command.
632     This may change to 1 for most servers when they
633     upgrade to hybrid 6.0. net_type = 0 now sets
634     kick-method to 1.
635     Daemus arthur2/ Adds a tcl variable: net-type. 0 = EfNet, 1 = IrcNet,
636     Daemus 2 = Undernet, 3 = Dalnet, 4 = other networks.
637     TiTi/ Adds core.french.language to /language. Use '.language
638     arthur2 core.french' to load it.
639     arthur2 Reorganisation of the eggdrop.conf.dist SERVER and IRC
640     module sections.
641     Dude In cmds1.help, %{+B} should be %{+t}, since +B is no
642     longer the flag for botnet masters.
643     slennox guppy Added two new tcl commands, "stick" and "unstick"
644     deadgrrrl guppy .fwd user user doesn't work anymore, must supply
645     a botname.
646     paralyse guppy action.fix.tcl didn't like quotes in the text.
647     arthur2 If set ban-time 0, bot never removes bans.
648     arthur2 Updates some of the doc files (CONTENTS and so on).
649     arthur2 Adds resetexempts and resetinvites tcl functions.
650     guppy Fixed the jupe nickname bug crashing the bot :)
651     guppy Bug in bogus key checking, would only kick the bot.
652     guppy dcc chat/send's must use a port between 1024 and 65535.
653     guppy Fixes a bug that caused the bot to loose track of its
654     own nickname.
655     arthur2 +stopnethack won't massdeop regular ops after long splits
656     (unless they have +w user flag - see below).
657     Daemus Adds support for +/- e and I modes.
658     arthur2 Bot won't try to add more than max-bans bans, max-exempts +e
659     modes, max-invites +I modes on a channel.
660     arthur2 Bot won't try to add more than max-modes +b/+e/+I modes on a
661     channel (global limit for a channel).
662     arthur2 Adds a bounce-modes flag to bounce +/- i p s m t n a q l k
663     server modes. Is also stricter with +b +e +I server
664     mode bounces.
665     arthur2 Adds a bounce-exempts flag to bounce +e server modes.
666     arthur2 Adds a bounce-invites flag to bounce +I server modes.
667     arthur2 Adds a kick-fun flag to avoid "that was fun, let's do
668     it again!" kickflood.
669     Crotale Adds an isexempted function.
670     Crotale kick_all won't kick +e users anymore.
671     Crotale got_ban won't deban +e users anymore.
672     Niggurath bot was really confused if it joins channel while
673     trying to regain its nick.
674     TheUnknown |o should be able to voice, as they are allowed to op
675     TheUnknown There was a missing |m check in protectops procedure
676     Lobo^Loco arthur2 Adds a new user flag: +w (wasop-needed flag)
677     If a user is +w, then +stopnethack procedure will do a
678     wasop test (for "untrusted" spoofable hostmasks).
679     If a user isn't +w, then +stopnethack procedure won't
680     do this wasop test, but an isop test (for "safe"
681     static hosts).
682     guppy Fixes /msg <bot> voice <pass> [channel].
683     guppy Adds .uptime.
684     guppy Adds [isbansticky <ban> [channel]].
685     guppy Makes /msg <bot> status/memory/reset require a password.
686     guppy Allows /msg <bot> die <pass> [message] to have a kill
687     message.
688     guppy Doesn't allow +n people to remove permanent owners via
689     .-user/.deluser.
690     guppy Adds botonchan <chan>.
691     guppy Adds putquick <text>.
692     guppy Makes I'm on too many channels show the channel it
693     can't join.
694     guppy Fixes the +i/l/b/k console warnings for a channel,
695     shows the channel name.
696     guppy Fixes .die from sending QUIT :<nick> to the partyline
697     if the bot didn't have a server.
698     guppy +ban will now show if you try to add bans to
699     non-existant channels.
700     guppy +ban will now show if you don't have access to add the
701     ban on the chan.
702     guppy chanset/chaninfo were missing "\n" ?? (someone on the
703     list found these).
704     guppy botinfo now returns your bots uptime.
705     guppy '.whom *' can be used if your chat is off (suggested
706     by dw@undernet).
707     guppy .simul cannot be used to simul other permanent owners
708     now.
709     guppy Adds a new config option, must-be-owner, if set, only
710     permanent owners will be able to use .tcl/.set.
711     guppy Adds a 'set must-be-owner 0' option to
712     eggdrop.conf.dist.
713     Bass guppy Fixes a typo in share.mod/share.c (line 592).
714     Crotale maskhost() now replaces '~' '+' and '-' (in username)
715     by '?'. quickban() doesn't replace the first letter of
716     the username by a '*' anymore. This was a problem when
717     quickbanning nick!s@host for instance, resulting in +b
718     *!*@host. Now it results in +b *!?@host.
719     Beige Fixes a bug in proxy_connect(), in net.c. Bot crashed
720     when establishing a connection through a proxy with a
721     numeric IP address.
722     Niggurath botnet away-msg now goes to the correct channel
723     Tothwolf Modifies eggdrop to support +shared on dynamic
724     channels.
725     Whicked Prevents SEGFAULT when eggdrop attempts to commit a
726     long filename to the bots .filedb. Aborts the file
727     move from temp to incoming and filename commit. NOTE,
728     the file remains in temp where it can be retrieved.
729     Daemus arthur2 Adds the following tcl commands: chanexempts, chaninvites,
730     ischanexempt and ischaninvite.
731     arthur2 Fixes old typos in eggdrop.conf.dist. allow-desync and
732     not allow_desync, check-mode-r and not handle-mode_r.
733     arthur2 Adds some missing entries in help. But there is a lot
734     more to do.
735     arthur2 Adds exempt-time and invite-time to the config file.
737     1.3.23
738     Foundby Fixedby What....
739     Nobody Dagmar Sanity checking now optionally performed on DCC
740     connections to prevent spoofing foolishness.
741     Beldin BSDI 4.0 configure broken
742     Eraseme Beldin .unload wire didnt clean up the dcc bindings
743     Kirk more HPUX fixes
744     smok lang'd a string in .info
745     Unknown smok msg info would add info for non-existant channels.
746     vod/capster Simple Quoting of silly channel names in channel files
747     implemented.
748     Arthur2 eggdrop.conf additions
749     Tothwolf Add a call to Tcl_DoOneEvent() in src/main.c needed
750     for socket(n) and some other tcl commands.
751     Tothwolf chan.c was missing a \n in a dprintf.
752     Tothwolf BB Added a 5th element returned from tcl dcclist function
753     giving additional (e.g. script) information.
754     Guppy chan.c was missing another \n concerning +k support
755     Guppy if the bot gets the nickname already in use message, and
756     it's already on-line - don't bother changing nicks
757     Chriphil MHT notes2.tcl fixes: idx mistakes for multiple
758     connected users.
759     MHT added userlist (bubble) sorting when saving,
760     ordered userlist by bots +h/+a/+l/others,
761     then users +n/+m/+o/others alphabetically.
762     now '.match *' is more readable !
763     Tothwolf BB Someone puked write_userfile with unfinished "quick"
764     code. It's commented out now.
765     Tothwolf/ implemented a config file option (sort-users) to
766     Kirk determine whether the user wants their userlist to be
767     bubble sorted when they save it
768     Tothwolf/ removed the quick parameter to the write_userfile
769     Kirk function and made the fekker just sort the list every
770     save, that is if the user has specified they want to do
771     this in the config file. A simple bubble sort shouldn't
772     consume that much CPU time
774     1.3.22
775     Foundby Fixedby What....
776     Butthead Beldin grab new version number from src/main.c
777     Butthead Beldin .echo settings were being set off on return from relay
778     Butthead Beldin chon calls for notes was still slightly broken
779     Mixter tcl_jump's QUIT message was dangerous
780     poptix Beldin .deluser was using u after it was deleted.
781     various Beldin flood-chan & flood-ctcp for a channel use global on 0:0
782     and are turned off on 0:1
783     Kirk HP-UX fixes
784     toot Kirk fixed problem where bot crashed when taking revenge
785     Butthead Made alarm timeouts for hostname/addy lookup actually work
786     rather than hang the bot. New TCL var resolve-timeout
787     allows setting this.
788     Skorpion more lang files
789     Daklop Beldin quickbans really need a * in case of ~'s etc
790     |SKY| Beldin it was possibly to create arbritary directories anywhere
791     on the shell with the filesys
792     |SKY| Beldin getting files linked to the current bot cause SEGV case
793     Q Beldin botinfo response now includes bot uptime
796     1.3.21
797     Foundby Fixedby What....
798     toot Beldin hmm, console needs check_tcl_chjn, it aint exported.
799     Arthur2 Q & Solal ban time limit added to +ban
800     ScottDrake Beldin crash on channel join with no-chanrec-info on
801     Arthur2 better +m/+f checking & +dontkickops flag
802     Arthur2 kick-bogus flag
803     Dagmar Beldin the notes SEGV was due to the away sock # change
804     BB/Beldin - +stopnethack works decently now, any *valid* pre-split op
805     is allowed *ALL* other ops are de-opped.
806     - update idle-time on a mode change
807     - chon bindings that used killdcc were sending an unwanted
808     part message
809     Brian T Beldin get <Dir>/<file> SEGV'n in file sys (legcay of the
810     cmd_chdir fixes)
811     Michael Beldin .unload filesys + .files caused SEGV
812     poptix Beldin TRACE is being used for detect added use-ison variable
813     to use ISON if requried
814     Mr_Jode Beldin it was possible for global +o's to set global bans
815     (should be +m only)
816     Tothwolf Beldin valididx wasnt return sane results
817     Tothwolf dont overwrite scripts dir
818     Tothwolf Beldin calling the nick binding later in gotnick makes life easier
819     Roger Stone .resetbans SEGV on invalid console channel
820     TheUnknown Beldin take_revenge needed to update a channel members user entry
821     otherwise many extra bad users could be created.
823     1.3.20
824     Foundby Fixedby What....
825     data Beldin -host was possible on other users by anyone
826     (yet another case of some idiot reporting the bug 6 hours
827     after the release of a new version, when it's been in for
828     several version, VERY intelligent)
829     Dagmar compiler warning in dcc.c
830     Benny Beldin console module was failing to notify locally with chjn bind
831     Beldin added no-chanrec-info for those lamers who can't get the
832     no chanrec/no info display concept
833     Benny Beldin away binding was giving wrong idx
835     1.3.19
836     Foundby Fixedby What....
837     Q woops, typo in cmd_chdir
838     Beldin Me & my bloody maskhost typos
839     Q Beldin tweaking of sharebot host/chattr/-user handling
840     RogerStone .deluser was deleting nick, not handle
841     QuakeMstr Vod .status was missing online time
842     Vod tcl8.1 fixes
843     [secret] Raistlin seen module unload was causing SEGV on irc module reload
844     SuperS server.c wasnt adding all the RAW binds
845     AdamSpiers private-global flags
846     Beldin bye messages on botnet now reported
848     1.3.18
849     Foundby Fixedby What....
850     Adze Added set private-globals to share module
851     smok Fix for silly programmers who forget details in mode
852     handling
853     Toon Kirk +ban could be used to crash the bot in certain circumstances
854     Kirk the +ignore command could lock the bot into a nasty loop
855     Flattie Beldin .console could be used to get chan+m only flags if user
856     had +m on another chan.
857     BB/Beldin adduser /msg addhost command, and unbound /msg indent by
858     default
859     Hunger Beldin buffer overflow in cmd_setstick
860     Beldin whoops, when you fix something (-ignore), you should really
861     fix it.
862     PaulBoehm Beldin buffer overflows in botnet version handling, +ignore,
863     .note, .+ban, .-ban(similar to .-ignore bug), HOSTNAME,
864     .jump, & mkdir (to some degree)
865     Fasticus Beldin ctcp_reply had an obscure SEGV case
866     smok allow-desync variable added.
867     smok better looking for tcl libraries added to configure
869     1.3.17
870     Foundby Fixedby What....
871     smok potential error with tld's in new maskhost
872     smok beldin private_owner was not being handled in finish_share
873     mht notes2.tcl fixes
874     Daklop Beldin refinement of maskhost to deal with that nasty
875     4 component hosts
876     Kirk extremely small fixes to userinfo1.0.tcl
877     BB Beldin args for mode bind tabe seperate mode change from victim
878     BB Beldin gamespak wants me_op exported from irc.mod
879     BB .channel differentiates global vs channel flags
880     Beldin ban cleanup code was unbanning & rebanning existing bans
882     1.3.16
883     Foundby Fixedby What....
884     Various Segfault +m's can .deluser +n's (actually the fix is much shorter,
885     add an else I forgot - beldin :)
886     GoodGuy Adds a KEY msg command to get the key for +k channels
887     and a variable that let's it auto invite if the same
888     channel is +i
889     GoodGuy Added ability for using '*' as the channel in INVITE
890     msg command to invite person to all +i channels that
891     they have access to and the bot is on
892     smok respect CFLAGS in configure
893     smok clear a few ptrs in net.c (much better patch ;)
894     MANY Beldin finally got around to fixing -ignore <number>
895     Wylie filesys.help typo
896     plan9 Beldin only ban 1st ban on banlist of a joiner
897     smok Beldin rewrote maskhost to make it a little saner
899     1.3.15
900     Foundby Fixedby What....
901     TheUnknown Beldin global flags were being nuked for bots/unshared users
902     under private-global = 1
903     Daklop newuser flag adding was reversed
904     Daklop Beldin notes module showing change of notes on case change.
905     Beldin slight error in flush_mode
906     Daklop Beldin newuser wasnt being share-relayed correclty
907     Beldin bots should not accept links for bots > HANDLEN, it's bogus
908     [Eazy|E] Beldin getuser botfl returning no flags at all times
909     poptix some cosmetic fixes
910     NC added telnet-flood to config file
911     NC add channel arg to .invite
912     NC shared no-perm/no-sticky bans were missing an arg
913     NC botname is better than origbotname for whoto /msg to
914     (beldin: I moved botname back to the core, notes & filesys
915     shouldn't NEED server)
916     NC added requested default kickban message
917     NC .channel command wasnt showing actual channel
918     MHT improved tcl-commands 'notes', added 'erasenotes' and
919     'listnotes'. provided script notes2.tcl as example.
921     1.3.14
922     Foundby Fixedby What....
923     Beldin net.c warning
924     Beldin private_global wasnt handling userfile downloads right,
925     or +bot
926     NC Fix to sharing global info
927     islandic MHT cosmetic-bug in smart-notes: display "You have no
928     message" twice.
929     Beldin enforce channel modes the *efficient* way upon setting
930     MrBond Beldin bots were sending incorrect 'thisbot' messages to 1.3.x's
931     Ernst ban fixes
932     Daklop Beldin flushing of overlapping enforced bans (to keep some
933     EFNET servers happy)
934     Beldin if cx_ptr got overwritten by a buffer overflow & the bot
935     crashed -> egaged CPU munch mode & partition fill mode
937     1.3.13
938     Foundby Fixedby What....
939     Ernst Beldin .botattr SEGV
940     easton /msg hello binds should be in a different place in config
941     easton help whois clarity fixes
942     easton easton likes 4 characet indents in status
943     Beldin made assocs use zapf's the whole way (no broadcast),
944     so isolate will work for them too
945     NC allow 2 bots in same directory to received userfile shares
946     NC added a new bot flag 'g' for sharing of all channels
947     NC botattr should get logged well
948     NC chattr <user> <channel> with no changes won't ** poof **
949     as if the user was given all its flags from nothing
950     NC it is now possible to share with alternate hubs
951     NC one could get botnet traffic and share traffic even
952     though debug_output was set to 0
953     Beldin botnet trace returns at result at each passing bot,
954     indicating lag by link.
955     Various Beldin .deluser was letting non +n's delete +n's (extra !)
956     Roger Stone GO should not be sent to self
957     NC Beldin incoming shared chanrec were not being handled correctly
958     NC Beldin incoming chattr's where not being checked for owner changes
959     NC telnet ignore facility
960     Beldin made couplet-variable support generic to support telnet
961     ignore
962     Daklop added a +seen channel setting
963     Daklop Beldin probably solution to ident timeouts causing SEGV's
964     MHT implemented smart read and erase notes
966     1.3.12
967     Foundby Fixedby What....
968     Mloe socks firewall fixes
969     Absnthe easton display of invalid nick char was wrong
970     Giga Beldin bots was checking nickname for bogus username
971     Daklop/Beldin botflag +i added, isolates the party line across a botlink
972     (i.e. bota<->botb will not transfer partyline info
973     between them, all else (share/botlink/unlink/notes) still
974     pass)
975     Tori Beldin relayed chinfo's were losing the channel
976     Daklop Beldin lets make botattr only work on un-direct-linked bots,
977     fixing several nasty cases
978     easton .chinfo fixes
979     Wylie Beldin bot was still accepting assocs for chans > GLOBAL_CHANS
980     Wylie Beldin away note respone missing nick
981     Ernst more "SENTKICK" checks before kicking, to avoid sending
982     the same kick more than once (making the bot flood off)
983     Ernst support for mass-kicks for irc networks that allows it
984     (see "kick-method" in eggdrop.conf.dist file)
985     Ernst on "Avalanche" floods, don't kick masters/friends
986     Ernst use text from language-file on "that was fun..." kick
987     Ernst calling of need-op right after being deopped
988     Ernst fixed make trying to install in "OME/eggdrop"
989     Ernst SHELL variable added in Makefile.in
990     Ernst included "weedfix" patch fixes some bugs in weed script
992     1.3.11
993     Foundby Fixedby What....
994     easton Beldin newsplit doesnt need to set what's 0 to 0 (this is what
995     was really causeing the no-args botnet crash, only
996     join actually didnt handle no args correctly)
997     Beldin +chrec was check existing chanrec vs setter not setee
998     Ernst Beldin laston times were not accurately documented
999     wheely Beldin shouldnt be able to su to users without partyline access
1000     (unless an owner ;)
1001     Absinthe remote boots were totally disabled on a setting of 1
1002     wheely Beldin chof binding called whilst relaying had an invalid idx
1003     vod getparty in bot_part should check vs -1 not 0
1004     Ernst Beldin setuser * HOSTS wasn't sharing
1005     wheely Beldin tcl_setchan was broadcast parts from channels > GLOBALCHANS
1006     Roger S Beldin console flags for a user were'nt being unset on certain
1007     .su's
1008     Beldin and shared channel-changes immediately after a shared
1009     newuser were being ignored
1011     1.3.10
1012     Foundby Fixedby What....
1013     easton userfile writing error neaten
1014     Ernst Beldin chanlist wasnt returning non-userlisted people on -ve mtchs
1015     Kirk %{cols=} settings which didnt fill a line were lost,
1016     (beldin "I modded this slightly so you can still have
1017     tags after %{end}")
1018     Waulok Beldin +/-host for +t's with chan +m wasnt allowing them to
1019     change non-bots
1020     Ernst Beldin time binding args were not formatting properly
1021     Xtoper Beldin added check to remove redundant channel entries from
1022     userfiles, (where are they actually coming from???)
1023     easton .module was still being logged as modulestat
1024     numerous Beldin default install dir is better as $HOME/eggdrop than
1025     /usr/local
1026     B.Jamison some makes have both EBADSLT & ENOTCONN
1027     dagmar couple of fixes to voicing code
1028     fasticus Beldin receiving in unlink for a non-linked bot would crash the
1029     bot
1030     Blacky Beldin added checks for tcl8.1 in the configure file, removed
1031     7.4 (does anyone use it anymore)
1032     HP-UX guy Fixed the silly mistakes in manually applying the patch
1034     1.3.9
1035     Foundby Fixedby What....
1036     deadgrrrl xtra_tcl_set typo
1037     Q Beldin lets fix chanfile = "" properly
1038     Beldin .chaddr allowed too-long addresses
1039     Beldin buffer overflow in start_sending_users with long entires
1040     Thomas Beldin setuser laston global time setting
1041     Daklop Beldin console.mod stored local channels still got broadcast join
1042     aaronwl config file name made avaliable to scripts
1043     KingKurly Kirk setting sticky bans using * as the first character of the
1044     comment has been tarted up a bit
1045     Kirk mapping of listening ports has been changed, to stop the
1046     problem with eggdrop grabbing more ports when rehashing
1047     when it couldn't get the specified listening port
1048     Beldin learn to delete from link lists kirk :P
1049     Kirk/Beldin revenge wasn't setting the channel deop flag correctly
1050     on users who weren't in the userlist (do it properly)
1051     Beldin added .modules command for report module listings
1052     tdemarti Beldin made the chon binding require a return value (0 = cont,
1053     1 = stop handling)
1054     tdemarti Beldin also made chon handlers verify they are using DCC_CHAT's
1055     tdemarti Beldin part messages were still being passed on for unkown users
1056     ??????????????????? HP-UX module support (does it even work?)
1058     1.3.8
1059     Foundby Fixedby What....
1060     Beldin kicks were not being logged all the time
1061     Beldin -host on yourself still got checked for permissions
1062     Daklop Beldin SEGV on +ban from a sharebot
1063     Daklop Beldin a bit more info on revenge taking helps sometimes
1064     Q Kirk extern CR when switching notes
1065     Toblerone Kirk sillyness in filedb.c
1066     Melvan/Daklop Beldin console still not saving correctly (masktype changed)
1067     ????????? Beldin seen module getxtra was looking up null user
1068     ????????? Beldin xtra lines now have a 500 byte limit per key/data combo
1069     Rufus /msg go infinite loop
1071     1.3.7
1072     Foundby Fixedby What....
1073     Toblerone Kirk pub & pubm messages were being passed n!u@h not u@h
1074     Ernst Kirk +/-cycle added
1075     Daklop Beldin lastons were back-the-front
1076     Ernst buildstatic failure to execute bug
1077     Daklop Beldin glad I didnt release 1.3.6 public (no sharing at all :/)
1078     TheGhost Beldin channels should default to +cycle, and +/-cycle should
1079     only effect cycling
1080     Kirk .su fix
1082     1.3.6 (patch released for testing only)
1083     Foundby Fixedby What....
1084     tdmarti Beldin tcl_addbot was still using old bot address storage method
1085     tdmarti Beldin botaddr_tcl_set wasnt handling empty bot address info well
1086     Beldin sped up language idx lookup a little
1087     tdmarti Beldin failed .su wast changing back the .nick of dcc_
1088     aXs checks if bot is opped before sending some kicks/bans
1089     Beldin general cleanup of tclusers.c while I was in there
1090     BB Beldin .match +<unknown flag> will tell you that now :P
1091     deadgrrrl Beldin filedb's were not being updated correctly when files were
1092     dcc sent, this was do to module version # mismatches,
1093     several other cases of this found & fixed
1094     Darkdruid new getops-2.0
1095     wheely Beldin tcl_setchan wasnt broadcasting a part for localbot chans
1096     easton Beldin dcc & pub binds were triggering always with udef flags
1097     Q Beldin /msg whois AKA was giving wrong user
1098     tdmarti? Beldin setuser botaddr & botfl could be used on users
1099     Warmage Raistlin fixed halfway broken support for + channels on dalnet
1100     this breaks several commands which will be fixed, and
1101     the bot also needs to know that the channel may be
1102     modeless
1103     Daklop Beldin irc module report chopped off some channels.
1104     Daklop Beldin sharing of channel info make sharebots go bewm
1105     Daklop/Beldin laston should be copied from current data during a
1106     userfile download
1107     Daklop/Beldin support for private-global, private-user sharebot variable
1108     Daklop Beldin unshared userents were still being set/processed in the
1109     userfile
1111     1.3.5
1112     Foundby Fixedby What....
1113     mrbond Beldin remote boots were working
1114     melvan Beldin GLOBAL_CHANS was defined wrong in tandem.h
1115     C.massam Beldin default .fwd binding was wrong
1116     DK finally the dissapearing channel bans are fixed
1117     BB Beldin kicked ops were not being revenged
1118     BB Beldin lets get make install right
1119     BB .ignores are check before even ident lookup occurs
1120     GSCEGO Beldin getuser LASTON #channel was sick (wrong arg)
1121     Beldin .bottree bizzarely broken
1122     Kirk an enforced mode of -l was being interpreted as -p
1123     Kirk automation of adding a language file for modules
1124     Kirk wire.mod loads it's own .lang file
1125     Kirk filesys.mod has it's own .lang file (moved out of core)
1126     Kirk added install entries for installing .lang files
1127     Prime Beldin /msg whois response was incorrectly showing o/b/m
1128     Beldin all channels were being set static on startup
1129     Daklop Beldin 'private-owner's could have their other flags changed.
1130     BB post-identd ignores check was broken
1131     BB .simul was report incorrect user
1132     BB Beldin lets just merge in -DEBUG, it'll help debugging errors
1133     Bogus Beldin nkch binding was being called as link binding
1134     Beldin remote motds now show relevant highlighting
1135     Scuzzi Beldin you gotta worry about someone who stops 1/2 through
1136     modifying a function (enforced chanmodes)
1138     1.3.4
1139     Foundby Fixedby What....
1140     Darkfox make install messup
1141     aXs revenge added extra *!
1142     wheely beldin messed up the protect modes
1143     DK stuff to fix the borg
1144     DK better cp handling
1145     Q Beldin .match <number> was skipping rather than limiting
1146     Daklop Beldin +host on a user not on both bots SEGV'd the bot without
1147     the user.
1148     Daklop Beldin unshared users gettin duplicate chanrecs
1149     ?DOH? Beldin getuser <h> laston fr0ke with new channel arg
1150     Beldin netsplits were not being detected
1151     LSC Beldin .help was getting confused with extra spaces
1153     1.3.3
1154     Foundby Fixedby What....
1155     Beldin cmd_chattr wasnt calling check_dcc_*attr *scmack*
1156     Beldin buffer overflow in tell_who, cmd_banner
1157     various various doc updates..makefile tweaks..
1158     Daklop Beldin problems with setting enforced keys/limits
1159     jman Beldin ignores expiring + use-silence == BEWM
1160     wheely Beldin I forgot to write hosts_tcl_get/set
1161     wheely Beldin oldbotnet pass on off away messages was chat not chan
1162     TheGhost Beldin where did tcl_jump go?
1163     DK -DBORGCUBE added
1164     ???????? Beldin get/setuser LASTON now manipulates channel settings too
1165     Daniel Beldin listen script broken
1166     MULTITUDE Beldin console.mod messup...
1167     Daklop Beldin unshared channel flags were being copied over
1168     various Beldin notify-users added to notes module, turns on/off hourly
1169     notes waiting
1171     1.3.2
1172     Foundby Fixedby What....
1173     Kirk compat.so removed from eggdrop.conf
1174     BB Beldin FreeBSD uses SA_RESETHAND
1175     Beldin various help file tweakes wrt userinfo1.0.tcl
1176     Beldin .stick with long host buffer overflowed
1177     TheGhost Beldin tcl_getuser/setuser were not silently ignore user *
1178     Kirk Beldin woops, didnt need +x to get into file area
1179     Kirk added klined.tcl
1180     Kirk quite a few typos
1181     Daklop Beldin some channel flags were not being updated on userfile
1182     download
1183     Beldin share-greet = 0 bot's wont send chan info lines on uf send
1184     Beldin share-greet = 0 bot's will use old info lines on uf recv.
1185     Daklop Beldin global udef flags not shared
1186     MANYIDJITS Beldin .chattr <nick> no longer sets a chanrec for <nick> unless
1187     | is used
1188     David Beldin english fix
1189     plan9 Beldin higher default server-cycle-wait will make for less irate
1190     IRCOps :)
1192     1.3.1 - The omigod how did I forgot that patch
1193     Foundby Fixedby What....
1194     David Beldin some machines dont have SA_ONESHOT, DOH :/
1195     Beldin eggdrop.conf.dist still mentioned putegg
1196     Beldin userinfo1.0.tcl + tcl8.0 didnt load correctly
1197     Beldin filesys get <file> <nick> with nick > HANDLEN got truncated
1198     Ec|ipse Fixed weed c option to handle extra infoChanges in eggdrop: (since v1.1.5)
1200     1.3.0 let's do it
1201     Foundby Fixedby What....
1202     TheGhost Added some more stuff msg status
1203     TheGhost Cosmetic changes to dcc status
1204     KK/TheGhost The Kewl new default motd
1205     |mmortal TheGhost Fixed tcl-commands.doc
1206     TheGhost Made configure fail if the system
1207     doesn't support ANSI headers.
1208     KingKurly something small in the config file, can't remember what
1209     KingKurly bunch of minute junk in docs, i decided to polish them
1210     up for the eventual release of 1.3.0
1211     KingKurly spelling errors in english.lang and blowfish
1212     Beldin fixes for the move of text/
1213     TheGhost added .voice .devoice
1214     TheGhost Help files to reflect the above change
1215     Beldin console.so memory leak, console_pack wasnt freeing old mem
1216     Beldin shouldnt erase core hooks during .restart
1217     Beldin tcl_rehash from within a proc was being bizzare, moved
1218     rehash handling out to the main loop
1219     Bogus Beldin bands of the form 6!*@* cause *major* headstress with share
1220     Beldin bowed to pressure like the llama I am,
1221     chattr nick +o #channel now works the old way
1222     Bogus Beldin anybody could use console +th, +/- in .console was fr0ke
1223     |mm Beldin tcl_newchanban was doing wrong comment, 'none' wasnt a
1224     valid newban option
1225     Beldin updated userinfo1.0 and moved email into it
1226     Beldin move dcc chat handling where it should be
1227     Beldin SIGSEGV's & SIGBUS's now dump core in -DEBUG mode
1228     Beldin -host on a user with no hosts SEGV'd
1230     Foundby Fixedby What...
1231     ^You^ Beldin .chat local-channel wasnt working right
1232     Dtm Beldin minor fixes to my own stupidity
1233     TG Beldin static portions should work in makefile now, also
1234     BSDI's gmake is called all the time now
1235     Beldin channel attr's were not being relayed (complex)
1236     Kirk made variable substition in the 'text' files, which
1237     were moved into english.lang, possible
1238     Kirk fixed niggly formatting errors when doing .whois
1239     commands, etc..
1240     BB Beldin you could .link to an already '.link'n bot, causing quite
1241     a few probs
1242     Beldin remove userfile upraging support, weed does that now
1243     Beldin DalNet in their infinite lameness make a new +r, handle
1244     |mmortal Beldin .simul was simuling the simuler not the simulee :)
1245     Bogus Beldin nick changes on the botnet were sick
1247     "v1.3.0gamma"
1248     Foundby Fixedby What...
1249     TheGhost/Beldin %U gives OS/version in motd
1250     KK Beldin tcl_killdcc is consistent at least now
1251     DK Beldin SEGV's on server signon (fixfrom wasnt fixed), removed
1252     3 excess fixfrom calls too
1253     TheGhost added the system name to the .status display
1254     TheGhost Added a Botnet document for instructions on the new
1255     flags and how to link bots for sharing
1256     TheGhost Removed all the text files from /text and placed them
1257     in enlgish.lang for easy language changes. (this was
1258     harder that it looks :) )
1259     TheGhost Finished up the rest of the uname functions added
1260     a new tcl variable called uames to complet all the
1261     possible ways to use the system name and version
1262     TheGhost Worked on moving some of the files from the text
1263     directory into english.lang (I will eliminate this
1264     beast oneday.)
1265     Kirk HANDLEN #define added
1266     Beldin found just a few cases where HANDLEN need to be added
1267     Beldin bots will only accept links with same-HANDLEN bots
1268     Beldin optionally uses buffer-safer vsnprintf over vsprintf if
1269     avaliable, cleaned up some extra contexts & language
1270     entries
1271     Beldin partyline from & away stored dynamically
1273     v1.3.0beta
1274     Foundby Fixedby What...
1275     |mmortal Beldin .tcl set botnick WOULD change the value
1276     BB Language'ised wire.mod.
1277     BB I forget.
1278     Beldin moved JOIN's to the MODE queue
1279     Beldin set topic were not being stored correctly on join
1280     DK Beldin compat's setxtra was SEGV'n
1281     |mmortal Beldin channels.mod chon binding was hosing all other
1282     console channel settings
1283     BB Beldin user-get, user-set slightly hosed, map to getuser/setuser
1284     |mmortal Beldin renamed module could be reloaded.
1285     BB Beldin tcl_loadlanguage was logging incorrectly
1286     Beldin ident lookups were causing SEGV's at bizzare times
1287     Beldin server.mod wasnt cleaning server list on unload
1288     Beldin mod_malloc was assuming the file entry was 21 chars not 20
1289     Beldin .page off wasnt flushing held lines very neatly at all
1290     Kirk Beldin files get with no nick failed
1291     Kirk Beldin beldin fr0ke .sort *slap*
1292     Beldin .chinfo wasnt clearing info lines correctly
1293     TheGhost Beldin .status didnt need the Mode(s) line anymore
1294     TheGhost Beldin bot user@host wasnt displaying correctly in .status
1295     Bogus Beldin owners could be boot by non-owners
1296     BB Beldin mising break; in strip_mirc_codes
1297     BB/Beldin Beldin optomised periodic_timers, dcc_activity, eof_dcc &
1298     call_hook just a little, removing a few function calls
1299     at least
1300     Beldin who replies were not handling strict-host properly
1302     +bel1
1303     Foundby Fixedby What...
1304     Beldin tweaked seen.so to work they way I like it, Sorry BB :)
1305     dtm Beldin newbotname wasnt being initialised in server.so
1306     BB Beldin -bc wasnt being passed correctly on the botnet
1307     BB Beldin double dependancy modules need to cleanup after
1308     themselves
1309     BB Beldin xtra_unpack was slooooooooooooooooooooow
1310     Beldin fix of xtra_unpack can cleanup all other xtra handling
1311     to include sharing (minor incompatibility with
1312     pervious versions)
1313     Beldin minutely channel checks still occured when
1314     server was offline
1315     |mmortal Beldin tcl_banlist had messed up list elements
1317     +TG2
1318     Foundby Fixedby What...
1319     TheGhost Fixed my configure error (Phear autoconf)
1320     TheGhost Moved clientinfo defines into ctcp.h
1321     TheGhost Added a define for have uname to configure
1323     +TG
1324     Foundby Fixedby What...
1325     TheGhost Moved the last bit of defines for ctcp into ctcp.c
1326     from lang.h.
1327     TheGhost fixed some spelling errors :P
1328     KK DK crashing when trying to build a channel list
1329     DK DK gets the banlist when it joins a channel instead of
1330     ignoring it
1331     KK More document fixes
1333     BBub1 (does not affect eggdrop patchlevel)
1334     Foundby Fixedby What...
1335     BB First hashing of install rule in Makefile.
1336     BB Inclusion of Ode_To_Beldin.
1337     BB Rework of wire.mod for the current, and changing of
1338     internal tables from idx to sock.
1339     BB gamespak.mod reworked for current (dist'd separately).
1340     BB putegg relegated to obsolete/ -- kept, JIC...
1342     v1.pre3.0 <- getting closer <G>
1343     Foundby Fixedby What...
1344     Daklop Beldin netsplits were not detected as such
1345     Beldin -ban for global +m's wasnt handling channels right
1346     Beldin redid help for ctcp, filesys
1347     Beldin add module_rename function call allows a module
1348     to be compiled&loaded under one name, and run under
1349     another, e.g. blowfish rename's itself to a more
1350     suitable 'encryption'
1351     Beldin strip_mirc_codes wasnt adding the \0 on the end
1352     Beldin help blind flag toggles 2 settings now
1353     (one for %help= one for %{+flags})
1354     Beldin ident wasnt always kill sockets upon startup
1355     Beldin nick change notices didnt include source bot
1356     KK Beldin ctcp avalanche's were SEGV'n
1357     Beldin sanity check no longer needs to check against BOT_MASK
1358     BB Beldin dolt, it helps to check your nick minutely
1359     poptix Beldin booted .page'rs were being booted using bots IRC nick
1361     +bel5
1362     Foundby Fixedby What...
1363     Beldin .info none wasnt totally erasing the info line
1364     Beldin .topic #gumbyville now works
1365     BB Beldin tcl_killdcc wasnt kill anything
1366     Beldin major help file lookup overhaul, added %b/%v/%_/%f
1367     for bold/inverse/underline/flash with ircii or ansi
1368     codings depending on the STAT_TELNET setting.
1369     add/rem_help_reference (tcl equivs to)
1370     to add/remove 'help files' from a repository
1371     multiple help information within 1 file using
1372     %{help=topic} with a .rehelp to re-read the help data
1373     changed modules: assoc, blowfish, channels, compat,
1374     console
1375     Beldin added tcl_modules returns bucketsloads of info about
1376     modules & their dependancies
1377     Beldin select error sockets are much more aggressively killed
1378     now, hopefully fixing 1 of the nasty CPU spikes
1379     Beldin it really helps to load languages *after* memory
1380     debugging starts
1381     Beldin removed a couple more cases of LOST_DCC
1383     +bel4
1384     Foundby Fixedby What...
1385     Beldin gotkick bug *slap*
1386     Daklop Beldin *finally* found the laston time bug (/quit did it)
1387     BB Beldin INVITE wasnt working
1388     BB Beldin MODE #channel wasnt working
1390     +bel3
1391     Foundby Fixedby What...
1392     dtM channels.c channel_malloc typo
1393     Beldin more relay fixes
1394     Melvan Beldin take_revenge on a kicking user was passed wrong
1395     nick!user@host
1396     Beldin check-stoned's value should matter now
1397     Beldin .filestats <user> clear now reports it's doing it.
1398     Melvan Beldin new nick change message chanout wasn't working
1399     |mmortal Beldin tcl_storenote was getting it's idx's mixed up
1400     BB Beldin module_depend now returns the module function table
1401     for ereet fast setting of values
1402     Q doembeddedmode was calling get_op with wrong args
1403     Melvan Beldin /msg op <channel> has permissions btf
1404     Melvan Beldin .kick wasnt giving the given reason
1405     Daklop Beldin strict-host didnt work
1406     Daklop Beldin minutely calls to recheck_channel just didnt work
1407     Q Beldin ircd2.9 uses : in it's umode msg
1408     TheGhost Beldin flag changes were not being shared through a hub
1409     |mmortal Beldin newchanban & newban has broken comments
1410     BB Beldin bots were pinging out somethinges (-ve clock adjustment)
1411     Melvan Beldin info line wasnt showing up on local bot if enable in
1412     console.so
1413     Beldin ircu's shorter who replies used on channel-join
1415     +bel2
1416     Foundby Fixedby What...
1417     Beldin compats shareout !n needed a \n
1418     Beldin slumos 4 needs an #include <sys/stat.h> in transfer.c
1419     Beldin bots were getting confused about aggressive/passive
1420     status of connected sharebots
1421     Zarni Beldin wrong displayed message on eggdrop -m
1422     Zarni Beldin wrongly added hosts on NEW from telnet (: != . doofus)
1423     Beldin psuedo-memory leak in channels.c
1424     Beldin passive bots were loosing entires for channels marked
1425     +shared but not shared with their active partner
1426     Beldin improved memory debugging under -DEBUG_MEM
1427     Beldin found one of the steenking userrec.c mem leaks
1428     Beldin found the other steenking userrec.c mem leak
1430     +bel1
1431     Foundby Fixedby What...
1432     Zarni Beldin error in list item 1 of tcl_botlist
1433     Beldin console.so wasnt sending a botnet join
1434     Beldin added checks in botmsg.c so i wont bother even
1435     building messages unlessed linked
1437     1.2.2
1438     Foundby Fixedby What...
1439     DK Beldin bzero clash in src/mod/module.h
1440     Zarni Beldin since some bindings are called multi-levelled, we need
1441     different variable names for each binding
1442     Beldin tcl_botlist added, returns all locally stored
1443     info on bots (this ones for the llamas ;)
1444     Beldin cleanups of the new tables
1445     Melvan Beldin some setxtra's in werent working (basically since-string
1446     entries)
1447     Zarni Beldin ctcp replies weren't happening
1448     BB nuke pre 7.3 tcl support
1449     Beldin segv in .tcl servers
1450     Beldin implemented local.tcl in the code
1451     Beldin converted console.tcl to console.so
1452     Beldin fixed recursive call loop to recheck_channel
1453     Beldin fixed seen SEGV on 'seen bf' with no xtra info
1454     BB Beldin +chan was setting channels static
1456     +bel26
1457     Foundby Fixedby What...
1458     Beldin the +d/+k debate continues? in or out,it's upto you
1459     (allow-dk-cmds)
1460     Beldin finished switching modules back to a table lookup system
1461     and it's faster, neater, smaller, why did I every
1462     rely on the llama OS's ;)
1463     Beldin chattr was erasing 'b' flag on sharing
1464     Beldin .console was setting mode to (none) if no +/- arg
1465     specified
1466     Zarni Beldin various header file problems with the new tables
1467     Zarni Beldin .fwd'n code was fr0ke
1468     melvan Beldin unset +l/-l mode protect wasnt handled right.
1470     +bel25
1471     Foundby Fixedby What...
1472     melvan Beldin new telnet users were'nt haveing their dcc[].user record
1473     updated
1474     melvan Beldin /msg's werent being logged correctly
1475     Q Beldin add *!user@host for bots rather than *!user@*.domain
1476     DK Beldin option 3rd arg to +bot for hostmask
1477     |mm Beldin tcl_userlist takes a channel argument now
1478     Beldin tcl_chanbans returns who & age values now
1479     Beldin started switching back to table lookup for symbols
1480     since this appears to be more useable & portable
1481     Q Beldin .chnick handle newhandle was messy
1483     +BBub5
1484     Foundby Fixedby What...
1485     BB tcl_chanlist wasn't working.
1486     BB Pitched all the vanitee do-nothing commands from
1487     woobie.so. This novelty has worn off. woobie.so
1488     is a skeletal/example module for programming.
1489     Beldin Fix in servmsg.c for reversed args to strcpy.
1490     BB Moved eggdrop.conf to eggdrop.conf.dist. It is unuseable
1491     as distributed, and prompts to "overwrite?" are silly.
1492     BB Slight fix and change for message when creating chanfile.
1493     BB Continued language system conversion.
1494     BB Beldin Missing declarative for KICK binding in tclhash.h.
1495     zarni BB Fixed message when changing password vi /MSG.
1496     BB Fixed MSGb1f message when linking.
1497     BB botchk is in scripts where it belongs. Copying it to
1498     the base install directory is pointless, since it is
1499     unuseable as distributed.
1500     Beldin Missing <errno.h> in dcc.c.
1502     +bel24
1503     Foundby Fixedby What...
1504     Beldin .unlink of a forking bot caused SEGV
1505     Beldin pass & xtra sent before newuser info to sharebots
1506     Zarni Beldin implemented note forwarding in notes.so
1507     Beldin a blank setting of fstat caused mucho spewo
1508     BB Beldin +n's should be able to change just about anything
1509     BB Beldin chan +m's couldnt kick/kickban +o's (now they can)
1510     BB Beldin .link <thisbot> otherbot said no such bot online
1511     BB Beldin squelched the bot change messages on share startup
1512     Beldin you can no longer set a bot +as (you're asking for
1513     trouble if you do anyway ;)
1514     Beldin bot now logs WHAT error occured when writing userfile
1515     Beldin .info SEGV, check the char ptr doofus
1516     Beldin .stick <number> wasnt reporting correclty
1517     Beldin cascaded sharing implemented...
1518     +s = share aggressively with this bot
1519     +p = share passively with this bot
1520     the bot will only accept 1 +p link at a time, any
1521     number of +s's
1522     Beldin siphoned off server.so & channels.so
1523     Beldin +d/+k couldn't use dcc commands, even if they had +p
1524     Beldin nuke msgcmds.so, chancmds.so, FINALLY added server.so
1525     channels.so & irc.so
1527     +bel23
1528     Foundby Fixedby What...
1529     BB Beldin .restart is fragged again :/
1530     Beldin server queue not being flush in .restart
1531     KingKurly Beldin module directory can now be set (mod-dir) Happy now KK :P
1532     Cfusion put 'set telnet [listen...]' in the config file
1533     dtM Beldin 1st msg hello wasnt setting all the flags right
1534     BB Beldin some parts need to be silent still
1535     Q_ Beldin +user could still have invalid handles
1536     Beldin console.tcl was causing multiple join/part msgs
1537     cause dcc_chatter was assuming too much
1538     Bogus Beldin you can leave notes to the bot with /msg notes
1539     BB Beldin +host <handle> "" should give help response
1541     +kk4
1542     * modules now compile to modules/
1543     * updated putegg and make install/make installquick for new modules path
1544     * fixed spelling errors in this file (why? ;)
1545     * added an INSTALL file for dumb llamas who can't read the entire README
1547     +bel22
1548     Foundby Fixedby What...
1549     BB BB .vbottree show patchlevel now
1550     BB Beldin .su didnt update .user record
1551     BB Beldin .die was trying to re-connect server immediately
1552     BB Beldin .jump eof'n straight after connect
1553     Beldin removed the user of tcl hashtables from tclhash.c
1554     hence (a) sorting the binding list (b) allow
1555     some bindings to be quited before check *every* binding
1556     (c) less reliance on silly tcl ;)
1557     Beldin .strip wasn't reporting correctly
1558     Beldin bind chpt now matches vs channel rather than nick
1559     BB Beldin was check wrong user when it got a ban, therefore
1560     kicking *any* user when banned
1562     +kk3
1564     * I actually read the entire stinking source fixing every spelling in
1565     comments! Geez I was bored! [kingkurly]
1567     +bel21
1568     Foundby Fixedby What...
1569     BB Beldin woops bind blah "m" command was letting *anyone*
1570     execute it
1571     BB Beldin servidx is unreliable since idx's move :/
1572     Beldin added server-online r/o variable for how long
1573     the current server has been up
1574     BB Beldin +ban over sharenet wasnt logging
1575     BB Beldin gotjoin wasnt rebuilding the nick!user@host before
1576     testing bans
1577     BB BB nicer def_display
1579     +bel20
1580     Foundby Fixedby What...
1581     Beldin NEW telnet users get a telnet!user@*.domain mask now
1582     Beldin added a few extra bot/quiet-reject checks to msgcmds
1583     Scuzzi/Beldin /msg help was handling quiet-rejects round the wrong way
1584     Zarni Beldin not all tcl's have TCL_PATCH_LEVEL, use TCL_VERSION
1585     Beldin dcc[].user entries need to be cleared during
1586     .rehash/.reload & partially cleared on finish_share
1587     Daklop Beldin chan masters could still see other channels in .status
1588     ????????? Beldin .whois now only shows channels a user has at least
1589     +o access too
1590     BB BB segv in cmd_mv_cp
1591     BB BB typo in .filestats
1592     BB BB .nick was logging to old nick
1593     LSC Beldin error in tcl-commands.doc about time binding
1594     Beldin time binding uses 2 digits even for single digit #'s now
1595     Kinslayer Beldin without ctcp.so a known dcc chatter should get something
1596     meaningfull
1597     BB Beldin cp <file> <dir> && .tcl cp <file> <dir> were a bit sick
1598     BB Beldin .modulestat <module> was fr0k3
1599     Beldin queue_sockets only reallocs a buffer when something
1600     is sent, not every call, also detects EOF on socket
1601     Beldin minutely rejoins of channels online occurs *after*
1602     the server has set msg 001 (server_online updated then too)
1603     Beldin created the SERVER_SOCKET dcc type, server is now
1604     just like all the rest
1605     Beldin msgcmds now a module
1606     Beldin removed modmalloc/modcontext, use nmalloc/context now
1607     Beldin chancmds.so contains all the channel *interaction*
1608     flags (not the management ones)
1610     +bel19
1611     Foundby Fixedby What...
1612     Beldin .su'rs didnt have their .user entry updated
1613     Beldin tinkering with bot links trying to avoid occasional boogers
1614     Beldin get_user_by_handle now checks the dcclist aswell
1615     Beldin more tinkering with deq_msg in an attempt to balance
1616     output to server
1617     Beldin remote who wast showing chaters
1618     Beldin resync wasnt sending channel data
1619     Beldin resync wasnt sending botnet update info
1620     BB Beldin display tcl library version in .status & DEBUG
1621     BB Beldin display compile/link/strip flags in DEBUG
1622     BB Beldin display tcl include file version in DEBUG
1623     EraseMe Beldin +g strip flag (for ^g's)
1625     +bel18
1626     Foundby Fixedby What...
1627     BB Beldin .rehash/.reload was broadcast -ban/ignore
1628     Prez Beldin .relay's from telnet showed passwords up
1629     Zarni Beldin .who showed wrong sock # for users to owners
1630     BB BB /msg who fix *again *
1631     BB Beldin unlinks were passing chat msgs incorrectly
1632     Prez Beldin autolink_cycle was fr0k3
1633     Beldin remote 'linked to <bot>' message was sick
1634     Zarni Beldin private_owner needed work
1635     Beldin woops potential buffer overflow in dcc_ident
1636     Beldin remote filesharing fixed
1637     BB Beldin .+ignore sharing was corrupting
1638     BB Beldin /dcc send with no filesys was being interpreted as failed
1639     dcc chat
1641     +bel17
1643     Foundby Fixedby What...
1644     Prez Beldin matchattr was br0ke
1645     KingKurly Beldin bogus unban caused mass kicks of bots in some cases
1646     dtM Beldin added sanity_check on load, help old userfiles migrate
1647     dtM Beldin chanout's were missing their ***'s
1648     Beldin added quiet_reject checks to msg_ident
1649     dtM Beldin msg_ident wasn't responding correctly to unknown ident
1650     by unknown user
1651     Beldin msg_ident doesnt allow ident vs a botnick
1653     +bel16
1655     Foundby Fixedby What...
1656     Immortal Beldin .-user with invalid console user segv'd
1657     BB BB /msg info segv'd
1658     BB Beldin unlink in 1.2.1 portion of a botnet might cause fake msgs's
1659     in other sections
1660     BB Beldin .flush context'd (wally)
1661     BB Beldin /dcc chat for non require_p + !+o was sick
1662     BB Beldin .relay was going ballistic if it couldnt find the port
1664     +kk2
1666     Foundby Fixedby What...
1667     KingKurly KingKurly Added a r33t make install/make installquick - try it!
1668     KingKurly KingKurly LOTS of general cosmetic/spelling/grammar stuff
1669     KingKurly KingKurly Totally redid eggdrop.conf [kingkurly]
1671     +bel15
1673     Foundby Fixedby What...
1674     BB Beldin dcc chat's where nick != handle caused segv's
1675     KingKurly Beldin dcc chatters show up in who as files users
1676     Beldin static linked share tries to start transfer module
1677     Beldin private-owner wasnt working right
1678     Beldin .reset should only work on active channels
1679     Beldin .+ban wasnt adding the ban from the correct variable
1681     +bel14
1683     Foundby Fixedby What...
1684     Beldin cleaned up /dcc chat&sends a little
1685     DarkDruid Beldin No remote .unlink of sharebots, share-unlink values
1686     poptix poptix remote bots could link already linked bot
1688     +bel13
1690     Foundby Fixedby What...
1691     Beldin remove telnet! from ident'd users no botnet
1692     Beldin fix my breaks to raist's ident
1693     Beldin *very* quick repetative userfile transfers overwrote eachother
1694     Beldin max-dcc is 20 by default, less is real problems
1695     Beldin many minor fixes to new filesys flags.
1696     Beldin files ls neater for dirs now
1697     Melvan Beldin dcc chat wasnt work
1698     OldGroo Beldin .unlink during a .link was SEGV'n
1699     OldGroo Beldin .-host broke for first host
1700     BB BB tcl_getchanhost was returning nick aswell
1701     BB Beldin tcl_matchattr wasnt handling no -ve falgs
1702     OldGroo Beldin .-ban wasnt deleting the 1st ban
1703     Beldin Beldin .bans display was broken (channel bans weren't registering)
1704     Beldin Beldin .reset was erasing bans without re-requesting them
1705     EraseMe Beldin .su from +n to non +n wasnt always setting up correctly
1706     BB Beldin msg_who forgot the unknowns!
1708     +bel12
1710     Foundby Fixedby What...
1711     Beldin /msg who could buffer overflow on big channels
1712     BB Beldin /msg who <channel> segv's
1713     BB Beldin *slap* tcl_userlist crash *slap*
1714     Beldin filedb overhauld, bye bye 230 redundant lines
1715     Kirk Beldin channel specific access added to file area
1716     [this one uses .filedb]
1717     Raist Beldin ctcp.so added, most ctcp stuff is in it
1719     +bel11
1721     * user feedback for msg/act/say added [beldin]
1722     * added msg_voice for /msg voice support [beldin]
1723     * users without chanrecs were having their info shown all the time [beldin]
1724     * made the channel file use a little less space [beldin]
1725     * flood-join, flood-chan, flood-kick, flood-deop, flood-ctcp are now
1726     channel-specific settings, globals are flood-msg & flood-nick [beldin]
1727     * check_tcl_msg[m] was being passed the wrong uhost [beldin]
1728     * ^H in dcc_chat was hanging again [beldin]
1729     * simple_sprintf %c needed to use int not char [beldin - with thanks
1730     to Mr. gdb-via-irc Oldgroo]
1731     * index doesnt return the same on sunos, use strchr [beldin]
1732     * some systems cant handle non-consants in structure defs
1733     (occurs in struct flag_record defs) [beldin]
1735     +kkdoc
1737     * readded the addpatch and delpatch from earlier patch, not included in
1738     later versions for some reason [kingkurly]
1739     * fixed up a whole heck of a lot of docs, including zillions of spelling
1740     errors, etc etc [kingkurly]
1742     +bel10
1744     * .-user wasnt reporting unknown user correctly [beldin]
1745     * .+bot segv in add_bot_hostmask*slap* [beldin]
1746     * sending userfile wasnt storing channer records [beldin]
1747     * fixed seen.so crashed [beldin]
1748     * .op was newspit'n in the wrong place [beldin]
1749     * neat->old botnet away msgs were geting garbled [beldin]
1751     +BBub4
1753     * Fixed /MSG OP for +o-f's [beldin]
1754     * Fixed .op. [BB]
1755     * Fixed +o-f deopping himself and being -o'd in the userfile on +bitch [beldin]
1756     * Fixed .kickban [BB]
1758     +bel9
1760     * fixed return from relay sending bad botnet channel join [beldin]
1761     * some documentation overhaul (much more needed) [beldin]
1762     * added neat_botnet nick-change message, make change nicks over
1763     the 1.2.1 portion of the botnet smaller [beldin]
1764     * removed chanout, all calls can use chanout_but [beldin]
1765     * fixed a bug in check_chanlist (->next twice) [beldin] <--- Thief! [BB]
1766     (can I put it down to absent mindedness pwease? [beldin])
1767     * +host wasnt letting owners add their own hostmask [beldin]
1768     * detect_flood was assumin chan was valid [beldin]
1769     * assoc modules wasnt chanout'n right [beldin]
1770     * fixed compile time error if no RTLD_NOW defined [beldin]
1771     * zero length info line were being displayed [beldin]
1772     * moved reject_bot into autolink_cycle since that's where it was used [beldin]
1774     +bel8
1776     * fixed .nick/.chnick bugs [beldin]
1777     * .motd wasnt broadcasting to old bots correctly [beldin]
1779     +ident
1781     * telnet identd verification. Yes, this thwarts botscans. [raist]
1782     * fixes & tidying up [beldin] (and adding of my own bugs!! :)
1784     +BBlang3
1786     * Fixed crash on non-ident'd MSG OP requests [BB]
1787     * Fixed spewed info line length on channel [BB]
1788     * Moved setlaston below showinfo - time(NULL) - laston was always 0.
1789     (broke in bel6) [BB]
1790     * Fixed a silly bug in action.fix.tcl [BB]
1791     * Insignificant change to ques3.tcl, and really not worth mention [BB]
1792     * Yet another insignificant change. This time in wire.mod [BB]
1793     * Fixed woobie.mod for missing DCC command parameters [BB]
1794     * Minor fixed to seen [BB]
1795     * Wire.mod fully operational [BB]
1797     +bel7+pop1
1799     * .loadmodule that didnt find a _start function wasn't unloading the
1800     module [beldin]
1801     * -ignore <hostmask> was SEGV'n [beldin]
1802     * +autovoice +v(oice)/+q(uiet) are now all valid settings [beldin]
1803     * Yet more language conversion stuff [BB]
1804     * Added HOOK_SECONDLY for adding the equivalent of TCL 'utimer' [BB/beldin]
1805     * botinfo/bottree are bot +t commands, llamas may gain unwanted info from
1806     them [beldin]
1807     * +d/+k could use -|- bound commands [beldin]
1808     * added flags.c with better flags/binding/match support [beldin]
1809     * raw_dcc_send was reversing the IP on send [beldin]
1810     * minor .console hole which allowed +m flag access to non +m channels [beldin]
1811     * add local bot to .botinfo replies [poptix]
1812     * enhancements to .invite [poptix]
1813     * .chansave/.chanload were trying to work even without a channel file [poptix]
1814     * flush shouldnt be in help anymore, cosmetic fix to addpatch [poptix]
1816     +bel6
1818     * update dependancies, fix nlinked pass-on to old botnet bots,
1819     fix duplicate botnet act's [beldin]
1820     * botnet handshake now comes after version (incompatability, get
1821     old ver bot to link to new ver bot first time) [beldin]
1822     * merged mprintf/hprintf fully into dprintf, use [beldin]
1823     dprintf(DP_SERVER) for mprintf, dprintf(DP_HELP) for hprintf
1824     * added mode-buf-length & debug-output tcl vars [beldin]
1825     * neatened up the config file layout a little [beldin]
1826     * notes.so allow optional note storage support now [beldin]
1827     * relay wasnt triggering all the chon/chfn etc bindings quite right
1828     also scripts now trigger chon/choff [beldin]
1829     * new binding types: away - botnet away msg, nkch - user changing
1830     their handle [beldin]
1832     +BBlang2
1834     * Yet more language conversion stuff [BB]
1835     * Fixed .su [BB]
1836     * Fixed .relay [BB]
1837     * Fixed NICKLEN (We needed to add 1) [BB]
1838     * Changed NEAT_BOTNET to 1020107 from 1020100 to handle pre-bel5 bots [BB]
1840     +bel5
1842     * Dunno... ask beldin [BB]
1843     * honest, I did lotsa work! [beldin]
1845     +bel4
1847     * assoc.so now uses zapf & tcl calls rather than 5 hooks [beldin]
1848     (robey was right about that ;)
1849     * out_dcc_general, out_dcc_chat, out_dcc_script
1850     weren't using the cr-added string to send [beldin]
1851     * Fix to add_server [BB]
1852     * Fix to clearq [beldin]
1853     * tcl "ischanban" not "ischan" DOOFUS
1855     +bel3+BBlang+kk
1857     * Fixed general spelling errors in src/ [kk]
1858     * Fixed some language in src/ for our younger users [kk]
1859     * Redid eggdrop.conf, fixing spelling, grammar, and logic errors, and
1860     adding comments to attempt to make it easier to understand [kk]
1861     * Added a .back command, self explanatory. You can still use the old
1862     way to set yourself back if you want, this just makes sense :) [kk]
1863     * Fixed .console, only +n could use it to change flags [beldin]
1864     * Fixed a bug where if you didn't load the share module, the bots would
1865     constantly send each other messages, which caused some problems [beldin]
1866     * removed the requirement of at least 1 irc channel [beldin]
1867     * buffer overflow in net.c [beldin]
1868     * fixes to .sort [kirk]
1869     * some command permissions were screwy in the filesys [kirk]
1870     * new passwords via telnet should be 15 bytes [kirk]
1871     * only botmaster of better can change +b console log [beldin]
1872     * serverlist is now a structure rather than a packed string [beldin]
1873     * .unlink * & unlinking of a bot weren't calling check_tcl_chpt/check_tcl_disc
1874     as is logical [beldin]
1875     * botnet 'joins' for channel changes weren't calling check_tcl_chpt [beldin]
1876     * all irc related got's should now check vs the correct botnick [beldin]
1877     * removed tprintf totally (now use dprintf/mprintf) [beldin]
1878     * missing \n in cmd_simul help [beldin]
1879     * server-cycle-wait added to slowdown server connects [beldin]
1880     * found a memory leak that's been around for years with
1881     userfile sharing [beldin]
1882     * MAJOR overhall of ban/ignore handling - structures rather than
1883     packed strings [beldin]
1884     * fixed my own ./putegg stupidity [beldin]
1885     * userlists are now much easier to extend [beldin]
1886     * started overhauling botnet
1887     - tokens & 64bit ints between bots >= 1.2.1 [beldin]
1888     - no broadcast of redundant bot garbage
1889     (e.g. *** (Bot) Linked to fred when nlinked is being sent *aswell*)
1890     [beldin]
1891     - support for 15 char nicks [beldin] *note* this doesnt mean they will
1892     work yet
1894     v1.2.0+bel2+BBlang
1896     * TCL "language" command for startup script language loading.
1897     * DCC ldump command for debugging messages.
1898     * Implemented language.so and new function get_language() for accessing
1899     the message language system. [BB]
1900     * More changes converting text output messages to #defines for language
1901     support. [BB]
1902     * Pondered correcting beldin's grammar regarding a particular soft-drink,
1903     but didn't get THAT anal. (Them Ozzies are so lazy, they can't even
1904     bother pushing the shift-key when they should *Sn0rT* TWO occurances,
1905     BTW :) [BB]
1906     * changed rembot back, since order DID matter [beldin]
1907     * fixed a few tcl function name typos [beldin]
1909     v1.2.0+bel1
1911     * fixed lame vbottree error [beldin]
1912     * optomised unvia & delparty at the expence of order [beldin]
1913     * fixed a whole pile of OSF warnings [beldin]
1914     * fixed eraseme's whines: .filestats is now a .files command,
1915     .chaninfo restricts +m ness [beldin]
1916     * .filestats wasnt reporting nick [beldin]
1917     * english & slang still in config file [beldin]
1918     * mkdir $1/modules missing from putegg [beldin]
1919     * excess print in write_debug [beldin]
1920     * share wasn't sending error right if there wasn't enough dcc slots
1921     to SEND a userfile + missing #include [beldin]
1922     * geticon clash in wire.c [beldin]
1923     * #ifdef EBUG messup in tclhash.c [beldin]
1924     * typoed name of validuser tcl command [beldin]
1925     * '.binds <type> all' now works as you might expect [beldin]
1926     * .wire off was SEGV'n in some cases (plus a few missing \n's) [beldin]
1927     * bitch wasnt being bitchy enough on join :) [beldin]
1928     * various bugfixes to bothost sharing, lastbind, [beldin]
1930     v1.2.0alpha:
1932     * legendary seen.so [BB]
1933     * +/-chanrec should propagate on the sharebot's now [beldin]
1934     * .adduser & /msg hello now add relvant chanrec's [beldin]
1935     * removed +bothost/-bothost/botattr since they arent needed now[beldin]
1936     * channel +m's can only see channel's they have access to in .status
1937     [beldin]
1938     * now a static linking option, link in all modules at link time
1939     [this ones for you somni :P] [beldin]
1940     * .bottree upgarde (also try .vbottree) [beldin]
1941     * laton times on a bot a prefixed by @ [beldin]
1942     * AT LAST laston times should update on quit [beldin]
1943     * use-console-r, max-dcc & enable-simul now tcl vars [beldin]
1944     * .set/.tcl/.simul are now just un-bound commands in the config file
1945     [beldin]
1946     * .act/.say/.kick/.kickban can now take a channel argument [beldin]
1947     * any user can now -host themselves [beldin]
1948     * remote-boots, bounce-bans, use-silence, private-owner & allow-resync
1949     are now tcl vars [beldin]
1950     * share.so added - which includes channel specific +s [beldin]
1951     * help files updated to new binding format [beldin]
1952     * you can ONLY make a module bot now [beldin]
1953     * .sort comand for filesys [ikaney@trouty.demon.co.uk]
1954     * tcl-commands updates for various commands [????]
1955     * dcc chat connections weren't logging [beldin]
1956     * woops, fixed up the ctcp's I messed up [beldin]
1957     * console +r is +n only now [beldin]
1958     * modules now live in modules/ [beldin]
1959     * fixed sticky bans sharing finally [beldin]
1960     * .su was broadcasting parts/joins for local channels & wasnt
1961     showing returns upon channel return [beldin]
1962     * static channels settings are now save (using channel set) in
1963     the channel file [beldin] (yes removal from config should work)
1964     * removed NO_FILE_SYSTEM, if you want to run the bot without it,
1965     use modules [beldin]
1966     * chanset/chaninfo will use your console channel if no channel
1967     provided [beldin]
1968     * raw binding now use exact matching of codes [beldin]
1969     * lastonchan now is a char * & is updated for the botnet & file
1970     areas too [beldin]
1971     * lowercase-ctcp, answer-ctcp, trigger-on-ignore, debug-tcl, raw-binds
1972     die-on-sighup & die-on-sigterm are now tcl settings [beldin]
1973     (answer-ctcp is maximum ctcp's to answer)
1974     * complete rehashed the way modules are done, relying more on the OS
1975     to resolve functions, this should be nearly transparent to actual
1976     modules [beldin]
1977     * removed support for ancient compilers [beldin]
1978     * .adduser would let you add the dumb characters in a handle [beldin]
1979     * fixed dcc chat for +x only users [beldin]
1980     * swapped the args in msg_* to make it fit the hashtable patern [beldin]
1981     * server queues now prioritised, mode queue has precedence [beldin]
1982     * DCC_ types are handled a function-call table now rather than (stupid)
1983     huge case statements..allows more versatility with connects [beldin]
1984     * +u is now checked at the RECEIVING end of sharing [beldin]
1985     * binding change (is it time to jump to 1.2?) ->
1986     the flags section of bindings is now in the form:
1987     [globalflags][operator[chanflags]]
1988     global flags matches vs global flags only, operator is one of & or |
1989     & implies EXACT match i.e. if you use o&n it will match only global +o AND
1990     channel +n, whereas | is or, i.e. any will trrigger it eg: Bo|o will
1991     trigger by a botnet master OR a global op OR a channel op. [beldin]
1992     THIS WILL BREAK ANY SCRIPT that uses O/M/N in bindings (woohoo ;)
1993     (OR is the default take note)
1994     * also applies to help/text outputs (someone go through and change these all
1995     please) [beldin]
1996     * Made global variable to specify whether the server connection should be
1997     closed when an ERROR from the server is received. (found by EraseMe) [BB]
1998     * Merged hash.c into tclhash.c [beldin]
1999     * .save now displays a confirmation [robey]
2000     * modules can now create their own hash tables [beldin]
2001     * added load/unld <module> bindings to allow scripts to configure when
2002     a module is loaded [beldin]
2003     * Added MODULE hooks in blowfish for `encrypt_string' and `decrypt_string'. [BB]
2004     * New module `woobie' to serve as a skeletal/sample module. [BB]
2005     * New module `wire.so' which replaces `wire.tcl'. [BB]
2006     * Minor fixes for NO_IRC. [BB]
2007     * More work on converting messages to `english.h' definitions for language
2008     support. Currently, only user messages are being converted (not TCL or
2009     party-line messages). [Raistlin/BB]
2010     * Moved CLIENTINFO definitions to `english.h' for language support.
2011     * QUIET_REJECTION definition has been changed from a compile-time option
2012     to a run-time variable `quiet-reject.' [BB]
2013     * If MODULES are being compiled, the NO_FILE_SYSTEM definition is now
2014     undefined. (e.g. just don't `loadmodule filesystem') [BB]
2015     * `CHECK_STONED' definition has been changed from a compile-time option
2016     to a run-time variable `check-stoned.' [BB]
2017     * Installed a working wire.tcl for 1.1+ bots. (Yes, it was still broke
2018     here) [BB]
2019     * FEATURES.1.1.x added, and README updated with MODULE information. [BB]
2020     * `userinfo1.0.tcl' script added to add commands and `whois' output
2021     fields for additional user information. [BB]
2022     * New global variable `numversion' containing the numeric source
2023     version from `version.' [BB]
2024     * New global variable `lastbind' for identifying what bound command
2025     triggered a tcl routine. [BB]
2026     * If a permanant owner was -mn'ed, the +n would be retained, but that
2027     owner would not be able to effect .chattr's because he would not have
2028     a +m himself. Hence, he could not even +m himself to fix it. [BB]
2029     * .who now reports DCC socket numbers to OWNERs. [BB]
2030     * DCC socket numbers ONCE AGAIN removed from inter-bot note displays. [BB]
2031     * Bug in filesys module when no files-path caused a crash. (added a new
2032     call to the filesys module: FILESYS_ISVALID). [BB]
2033     * Makefiles modified and cleaned to not relink when unnecessary.
2034     (eggdrop and *.so's are no longer mv'd, but are -o'd to the base
2035     source directory for dependancy) [BB]
2036     * Added `strict-servernames' variable from to not update the
2037     server list when servers identify themselves differently. [BB]
2038     * More fun help file grammar changes... Still not done yet. [BB]
2039     * new tcl var: dcc-flood-thr - dcc flood threshold [BB/beldin]
2040     * Removed #define OWNER - always an owner now [BB/beldin]
2041     * tcl_chpass needed 16 byte password buffers [paranorml]
2042     * small change to tcl-commands.doc [beldin]
2043     * change to configure for helping deal with fr0k3 linux libdl.so setup [beldin]

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