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1 Bans, Invites and Exempts
2 Last revised: March 01, 2003
3 _________________________________________________________________
5 Bans, Invites, and Exempts
7 I assume that you know how bans work on IRC. Eggdrop handles bans,
8 exempts and invites in various ways, and this file is intended to help
9 clarify how these modes are used within the bot. From here on, 'mode'
10 applies to all three modes (bans, exempts, and invites) unless otherwise
11 specified. There are three types of modes:
13 Global modes These modes will be active on every channel the bot
14 monitors. Some will "expire" after a while (be removed
15 automatically). Others are considered "permanent" and
16 can only be removed by a master.
18 Channel modes These modes are active only on one channel, and are almost
19 always temporary modes that expire after an hour or so
20 (depending on how long you've specified in the config
21 file). Usually they're created by a Tcl script of some
22 sort.
24 Non-bot modes These are modes that were not placed by the bot. They
25 can be removed by anyone on the channel. The other two
26 types of modes are protected by the bot (unless the
27 channel settings specify otherwise), and have to be
28 removed via the bot.
30 Bans can also be either sticky or unsticky:
32 Sticky These modes are usually set by a user using the ".stick"
33 command. Modes with this attribute are attempted to be kept
34 active on the channel at all times by the bot, even if the
35 channel is set to use dynamic modes. Obviously, if the channel
36 isn't set to use dynamic modes, this won't have any effect.
38 Un-sticky These modes are the style that Eggdrop sets by default when
39 a user uses one of the commands that result in a mode. This
40 attribute means that the ban will be removed if using dynamic
41 modes after a certain time. If a mode is "sticky" and you wish
42 to set it to be "un-sticky", use the ".unstick" command.
44 Mode behavior:
46 Bans If the channel is supporting dynamic bans, then the ban is
47 set when a user with a matching hostmask joins the channel;
48 otherwise, the modes are permanently set. On a channel with
49 dynamic bans, the ban expires after 'ban-time' minutes (which
50 is specified in the config file).
52 Exempts If the channel is not supporting dynamic exempts, then they
53 are set at all times. Otherwise, the exemption is set when a
54 ban is placed whose host includes that covered by the exempt.
55 The exempt will remain in place for at least 'exempt-time'
56 minutes (defined in config file) or until after the
57 corresponding ban has been removed, whichever happens last.
59 Invites If the channel does not support dynamic invites, then they
60 are set at all times. Otherwise, the invite is set when the
61 channel is +i and a user requests an invite into the channel.
62 The invite then remains set for 'invite-time' minutes
63 (defined in config file) or until the channel goes -i again,
64 whichever happens last.
65 _________________________________________________________________
67 Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Eggheads Development Team

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