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revision 1.11 by fabian, Mon Nov 15 17:42:31 1999 UTC revision 1.12 by fabian, Tue Nov 16 21:06:49 1999 UTC
# Line 350  then Line 350  then
350    EGGEXEC=eggdrop${EXEEXT}    EGGEXEC=eggdrop${EXEEXT}
351  fi  fi
 dnl check how much space is left in filedb (informational purposes)  
 AC_MSG_CHECKING(space left in file database struct)  
 if eval "test \"`echo '$''{'ac_cv_var_filedb_struct'+set}'`\" = set"  
   echo $ac_n "(cached) $ac_c" 1>&6  
   cat > conftest.$ac_ext << EOF  
 #include "confdefs.h"  
 #include <stdio.h>  
 #include <sys/time.h>  
 #include "src/mod/filesys.mod/files.h"  
 int main() {  
   fprintf(stdout, "%d/%d %s\n", 512 - sizeof(struct filler), sizeof(filedb), "bytes");  
   if { (eval echo configure: \"$ac_link\") 1>&5; (eval $ac_link) 2>&5; } && test -s conftest${ac_exeext}  
     rm -rf conftest*  
     echo "configure: failed program was:" >&5  
     cat conftest.$ac_ext >&5  
     rm -rf conftest*  
   rm -f conftest*  
 AC_MSG_RESULT([   (standard is currently 48/512 bytes)])  
353  dnl where is tcl?  is it here?  dnl where is tcl?  is it here?
354  # ---------- begin robey's tcl thingies  # ---------- begin robey's tcl thingies
355  # (well, what used to be robey's tcl thingies...)  # (well, what used to be robey's tcl thingies...)

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