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Revision 1.10
Sat Oct 20 01:19:41 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.9: +1 -1 lines
* added acconfig for an aux dir
* moved m4 files to acconfig
* modified EGG_LIBTOOL autoconf macro to pass --with-auxdir to libltdl
* added notice to bootstrap about libtool needing a patch

Revision 1.9 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Fri Oct 19 14:10:55 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.8: +4 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.8
* fix missing else in acinclude.m4

Revision 1.8 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Fri Oct 19 01:55:04 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.7: +79 -19 lines
Diff to previous 1.7
* removed obsolete EGG_CHECK_FUNC_VSPRINTF autoconf macro
* removed obsolete EGG_HEADER_STDC autoconf macro
* added EGG_C_LONG_LONG autoconf macro
* added EGG_FUNC_C99_VSNPRINTF autoconf macro
* added EGG_REPLACE_SNPRINTF autoconf macro
* added EGG_TYPE_32BIT autoconf macro

* removed unused dlfcn.h header check from configure.ac
* removed AC_CHECK_SIZEOF long and int from configure.ac
* added many required autoconf macros to configure.ac
* added AC_REPLACE_FUNCS to configure.ac for compat functions
* many configure.ac cleanups

* updated compat/snprintf.c with latest version from Samba
* added code to link libm with compat library for snprintf.c
* added support for LIBOBJS to compat/Makefile.am
* added memset back to compat
* added memcpy back to compat
* many compat cleanups

* renamed egg_strcasecmp() to strcasecmp()
* renamed egg_strncasecmp() to strncasecmp()
* renamed egg_snprintf() to snprintf()
* renamed egg_vsnprintf() to vsnprintf()
* renamed egg_strftime() to strftime()
* renamed egg_inet_aton() to inet_aton()
* renamed egg_inet_ntop() to inet_ntop()
* renamed egg_inet_pton() to inet_pton()

* exported strftime() for modules
* exported inet_ntop() for modules
* exported inet_pton() for modules
* exported vasprintf() for modules
* exported asprintf() for modules

* renamed u_32bit_t typedef to u_32int_t
* extended stat.h to support standard bits and checks

* major function changes:
  + egg_strcasecmp -> strcasecmp
  + egg_strncasecmp -> strncasecmp
  + egg_snprintf -> snprintf
  + egg_vsnprintf -> vsnprintf
  + egg_strftime -> strftime
  + egg_inet_aton -> inet_aton
  + egg_inet_ntop -> inet_ntop
  + egg_inet_pton -> inet_pton

Revision 1.7 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Sun Oct 14 19:30:49 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by ite
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.6: +3 -5 lines
Diff to previous 1.6
* Removed old shell customization on Ultrix. It should work fine now.
* Fixed wrong $host_os match for NextStep.
* In a debug build, link with Electric Fence Malloc Debugger if detected.

Revision 1.6 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Sun Oct 14 14:09:35 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by ite
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.5: +20 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.5
* STATIC is #defined again on static builds.
* Removed code for old module loading emulation on static builds.
* Updated README and INSTALL: new static build explanation.
* More string's gettextized-
* Synched po/eggdrop.pot with sources.

Revision 1.5 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Sat Oct 13 21:36:58 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.4: +150 -111 lines
Diff to previous 1.4
* configure cleanups
* updated many autoconf macros to new formats
* removed acconfig.h
* --disable-debug configure option
* changed @EGG_DEBUG@ to $(EGG_DEBUG) in Makefile.am files

Revision 1.4 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Fri Oct 12 15:50:25 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.3: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.3
* Assert macro removed, replaced with ANSI assert support
* Removed more kludge code

Revision 1.3 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Wed Oct 10 14:50:01 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.2: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.2
moved md5.c and md5.h from src/md5/ to src/
added header files in src/ to src/Makefile.am
removed redundant egglib/libegg.la entry for eggdrop_LDADD
fixed -DEBUG_ASSERT typo in acinclude.m4

Revision 1.2 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Wed Oct 10 10:44:03 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by tothwolf
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +2 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.1
all expmem functions and support removed
all memory status/debugging code removed
all #ifdef DEBUG_MEM code removed

nmalloc macro/n_malloc function removed, use malloc() now
mod_malloc function removed
my_strdup function removed, use malloc_strcpy macro now
channel_malloc removed, use malloc_memset macro now
n_malloc_null function removed, use malloc_memset macro now
user_malloc macro/_user_malloc function removed, use malloc() now

nrealloc macro/n_realloc function removed, use realloc() now
mod_realloc function removed

nfree macro/n_free function removed, use free() now
mod_free function removed
my_free macro removed, use free_null macro now
Tcl_Free compat macro now uses free() instead of removed n_free function

malloc->strcpy now uses malloc_strcpy macro
free(ptr);ptr=NULL; now uses free_null macro
malloc->bzero now uses malloc_memset macro
get_data_ptr macro/_get_data_ptr function removed, use malloc_memset macro now

compat memcpy removed
compat memset removed
egg_memcpy/my_memcpy misuse/mess changed to memcpy
egg_bzero/bzero macro removed, use memset() now

many uninitialized pointers now default to NULL

match.c is now compiled on it's own instead of being included into tclhash.c
match.c cleanup, removed broken/incomplete ircII compat code
wild_match macro removed, _wild_match function renamed to wild_match
wild_match_per function no longer declared static
added prototypes for wild_match and wild_match_per functions

Major function/macro changes:
  nmalloc -> malloc()
  nrealloc -> realloc()
  nfree -> free()

Bugs found and fixed during audit:
  buffer overflow in adduser()

Bugs fixed when code was removed:
  typo in filedb3.c: EBUG_MEM -> DEBUG_MEM
  extra egg_bzero call from filesys.c

Revision 1.1 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Wed Oct 10 01:20:08 2001 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by ite
Branch: MAIN
* Refactored the tree (especially src/modules.c) to use the libltdl
  wrapper. Modules are configured to be lt_dlopened or dl_preopened (if
  the system doesn't support shared libraries).
* Should compile modules on more SunOs environments and on Beos too.
* Libtoolized the package: modules and internal libraries build system
  more protable than ever.
* Wiped out old makefiles in favour of automake and Makefile.am's
* Misc cleanups.
* Updated bootstrap script
* Moved doc/AUTHORS to ./AUTHORS
* Updated config.guess and config.sub
* Changed misc/ to ./ temporairly
* Got rid of misc/modconfig, and more in general of the old module
  configuration stuff, in favor of an incoming ./configure parametrized
* Moved configure macros from aclocal.m4 to acinclude.m4 since aclocal.m4
  is now generated by aclocal on bootstrap.
* Removed no more necessary macros like EGG_EXEEXT because of
  libltdl+automake power ;P
* Removed EGG_CHECK_LIBSAFE_SSCANF macro that wasn't necessary anymore
  after gettext support.
* Added preliminary EGG_DEBUG_OPTIONS macro.
* Heavily stripped EGG_CHECK_OS macro and got rid of some system
  specific defines that were dead because of libltdl.
* Updated .cvsignore files.
* Improved make dist target.
* make static is gone in favor of ./configure --disable-shared.
* make debug is gone in favor of future ./configure --with-debug
* Others targets are gone in favor of more GNU standard targets.
* Updated po/eggdrop.pot.
# Egglib is now compiled and linked in the core.
* Moved compress.mod's specific configure macros to the top configure script.
* Switched to gettext 0.10.40 and pre-gettextized the devel tree.

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