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Revision 1.1 - (show annotations) (download)
Wed Oct 10 01:20:08 2001 UTC (20 years ago) by ite
Branch: MAIN
* Refactored the tree (especially src/modules.c) to use the libltdl
  wrapper. Modules are configured to be lt_dlopened or dl_preopened (if
  the system doesn't support shared libraries).
* Should compile modules on more SunOs environments and on Beos too.
* Libtoolized the package: modules and internal libraries build system
  more protable than ever.
* Wiped out old makefiles in favour of automake and Makefile.am's
* Misc cleanups.
* Updated bootstrap script
* Moved doc/AUTHORS to ./AUTHORS
* Updated config.guess and config.sub
* Changed misc/ to ./ temporairly
* Got rid of misc/modconfig, and more in general of the old module
  configuration stuff, in favor of an incoming ./configure parametrized
* Moved configure macros from aclocal.m4 to acinclude.m4 since aclocal.m4
  is now generated by aclocal on bootstrap.
* Removed no more necessary macros like EGG_EXEEXT because of
  libltdl+automake power ;P
* Removed EGG_CHECK_LIBSAFE_SSCANF macro that wasn't necessary anymore
  after gettext support.
* Added preliminary EGG_DEBUG_OPTIONS macro.
* Heavily stripped EGG_CHECK_OS macro and got rid of some system
  specific defines that were dead because of libltdl.
* Updated .cvsignore files.
* Improved make dist target.
* make static is gone in favor of ./configure --disable-shared.
* make debug is gone in favor of future ./configure --with-debug
* Others targets are gone in favor of more GNU standard targets.
* Updated po/eggdrop.pot.
# Egglib is now compiled and linked in the core.
* Moved compress.mod's specific configure macros to the top configure script.
* Switched to gettext 0.10.40 and pre-gettextized the devel tree.

2 Developers and Contributors
3 _________________________________________________________________
5 This file attempts to list the majority of the eggdrop developers and
6 contributors who have devoted a lot of their time into making eggdrop
7 one of the best IRC bots ever.
9 Eggdrop was originally written by Robey Pointer.
11 Developers and Contributors (in alphabetical order):
13 arthur2 Jerome Carre
14 ButchBub
15 Beldin Darrin Smith
16 Ben Ben Dover
17 Cybah Jonathan Miles
18 david David Newhall II
19 drummer Dobos Lorant
20 Dude/matt
21 dw Per Johansson
22 Ernst Ernesto Baschny
23 Eugene Michael Ortmann
24 Eule Axel Franke
25 Fabian Fabian Knittel
26 FireEgl Philip Moore
27 G`Quann Florian Sander
28 guppy Jeff Fisher
29 Ian Ian Campbell
30 ITE Federico Mennite
31 Jason Jason Ede
32 Johoho Wiktor Wodecki
33 Kirben Travis Howell
34 Kirk Ian Kaney
35 KingKurly
36 Lucas
37 nakee Ely Levy
38 poptix Matthew Hallacy
39 Raistlin Jason Slagle
40 RebuM
41 rtc
42 SegFault Ryan Butler
43 Shaun Shaun Braun
44 slennox Shayne Lennox
45 Sup Teemu Hjelt
46 SuperS
47 TheGhost
48 TheUnknown
49 toot Toby Verrall
50 Tothwolf
52 Thanks go to all the people who have made individual contributions to
53 the Eggdrop project by sending bug-reports, patches and otherwise have
54 supported the project. Patch contributors are listed in the UPDATES
55 files.
57 If you think that you are missing from this list contact the Eggheads
58 Development Team at eggdev@eggheads.org.
59 _________________________________________________________________
61 Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 Eggheads Development Team

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