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Updated documentation to reference 1.8 instead of 1.6.
Changed module dependencies to 1.8.
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1 $Id: ABOUT,v 2010/07/26 21:11:06 simple Exp $
3 About Eggdrop
4 Last revised: July 27, 2010
5 _____________________________________________________________________
7 About Eggdrop
10 Eggdrop was created around December 1993 to help stop the incessant wars
11 on #gayteen. It spawned from another bot that was in the process of being
12 written at the time called "Unrest". The purpose of Unrest was to answer
13 help requests from other bots. The first public release of Eggdrop was
14 version 0.6, and since then, it has grown into what you have before you.
16 Eggdrop is the World's most popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot; it is
17 freely distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop
18 is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon by
19 both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software
20 platforms.
22 An IRC bot is a program that sits on an IRC channel and performs automated
23 tasks while looking just like a normal user on the channel. Some of these
24 functions include protecting the channel from abuse, allowing privileged
25 users to gain op or voice status, logging channel events, providing
26 information, hosting games, etc.
28 One of the features that makes Eggdrop stand out from other bots is module
29 and Tcl scripting support. With scripts and modules, you can make the bot
30 perform almost any task you want. They can do anything from preventing
31 floods to greeting users and banning advertisers from channels.
33 You can also link multiple Eggdrop bots together to form a botnet.
34 This can allow bots to op each other securely, control floods efficiently,
35 and even link channels across multiple IRC networks. It also allows the
36 Eggdrops share user lists, ban lists, exempt/invite lists, and ignore
37 lists with other bots if userfile sharing is enabled. This allows users
38 to have the same access on every bot on your botnet. It also allows the
39 bots to distribute tasks such as opping and banning users. See doc/BOTNET
40 for information on setting up a botnet.
42 Eggdrop is always being improved and adjusted because there are bugs to
43 be fixed and features to be added (if the users demand them, and they
44 make actually sense). In fact, it existed for several years as v0.7 -
45 v0.9 before finally going 1.0. This version of Eggdrop is part of the
46 1.8 tree. A valiant effort has been made to chase down and destroy bugs.
48 To use Eggdrop, you need:
50 * Some sort of Unix account
52 * A pretty good knowledge of IRC and Unix, including how to compile
53 programs, how to read, and what DCC chat is, at absolute minimum.
55 * About 5-7 MB of disk space. The Eggdrop tarball is about 5.4 MB
56 unpacked.
58 * Tcl -- Eggdrop cannot compile without Tcl installed on your shell.
60 Before starting, ask yourself if you really need a bot. Most IRC servers
61 allow only a handful of bots, and some forbid them outright. The reason? Too
62 many people run bots as "toys" or as a means of destruction. If you want to
63 use Eggdrop for destructive purposes, go ahead and erase this directory now.
64 It's almost impossible to do what you want with this bot.
66 _____________________________________________________________________
68 Copyright (C) 1999 - 2010 Eggheads Development Team

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