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1 simple 1.1 $Id: FEATURES,v 1.24 2010/01/03 13:27:22 pseudo Exp $
3     Features of Eggdrop
4     Last revised: June 05, 2002
5     _____________________________________________________________________
7     Features of Eggdrop
10     Eggdrop is the most advanced IRC robot available. It has been under
11     development since December 1993, and unlike most other bots, it is still
12     regularly updated. Some of its features include:
14     * Completely separate channel user lists like having a separate bot for
15     each channel.
17     * A "party line" available through dcc chat or telnet, with multiple
18     channels, giving you the ability to talk to people without being
19     affected by netsplits.
21     * A "botnet". A botnet consists of one or more bots linked together. This
22     can allow bots to op each other securely, control floods efficiently,
23     and share user lists, ban lists, exempt/invite lists, and ignore lists
24     (if sharing is enabled).
26     * User records are saved on disk and alterable via dcc chat. Each user
27     can have a password (encrypted), a list of valid hostmasks, a set of
28     access flags, etc.
30     * The ability to "learn" new users (if you choose to let the bot do so)
31     by letting users /MSG the bot "hello". The bot will grant them automatic
32     access of whatever type you specify (or even no access at all).
34     * A file system where users can upload and download files in an
35     environment that looks and acts (for the most part) like a typical
36     UNIX system. It also has the ability to mark files and directories
37     as hidden -- unaccessible to people without certain user flags.
39     * Console mode: you can view each channel through dcc chat or telnet,
40     selectively looking at mode changes, joins and parts, channel talk,
41     or any combination of the above.
43     * A scripting language: commands and features can be easily added to
44     the bot by means of the Tcl scripting language, giving you the power
45     of TOTAL customization of your bot.
47     * Module support: you can remove/add features to your bot by adding or
48     removing modules.
50     NOTE:
52     This bot is NOT intended for users of very limited MEMORY or DISK shell
53     accounts. The development of this latest design of Eggdrop is geared
54     towards features and flexibility.
56     _____________________________________________________________________
58     Copyright (C) 1997 Robey Pointer
59     Copyright (C) 2000 - 2010 Eggheads Development Team

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