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Tue Jul 27 21:49:41 2010 UTC (10 years, 2 months ago) by pseudo
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Updated documentation to reference 1.8 instead of 1.6.
Changed module dependencies to 1.8.
Changed default handle length to 32.
Changed default make type to 'debug' as it should be in CVS builds.

1 pseudo 1.2 $Id: AUTHORS,v 2010/07/26 21:11:06 simple Exp $
2 simple 1.1
3     Authors of Eggdrop
4 pseudo 1.2 Last revised: July 27, 2010
5 simple 1.1
6     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8     This file documents the developers, major contributors, and groups who've
9     developed and maintained Eggdrop. A full list of contributors can be found
10     in the file THANKS. Contributor information for specific versions of Eggdrop
11     can be found in the corresponding doc/Changes files.
13     Eggdrop was originally written by Robey Pointer. Versions 0.6 through 1.0o
14     and 1.1alpha-lincoln through 1.1alpha-grant were developed by Robey from
15     December 1993 through February 1997. As of version 1.0n, Robey relicensed
16     Eggdrop under the GNU GPL. Robey's relicensing also allows for earlier
17     versions of Eggdrop to be licensed under the GNU GPL. After version
18     1.1alpha-grant, Robey gave up his position as Eggdrop's maintainer.
20     Version 1.0p was a maintenance release put together by Wade in March 1997
21     made from Eggdrop community patches. Later 1.0 series bugfix and maintenance
22     releases were made by other Eggdrop community members.
24     Eggdrop 1.1 development continued after 1.1alpha-grant with significant
25     contributions from many Eggdrop community members. While it would be
26     impossible to include a full list of contributors for each version in this
27     file, below is a list of some of the major contributors and core Eggdrop
28     community during 1.1alpha and 1.1.x:
30     Beldin, ButchBub, cmwagner, dk, dtM, EraseMe, Ernst, Lefty, LuckyStar,
31     poptix, Robey, Wade, Wild
33     Around version 1.1.1, Beldin took on Robey's former role of lead developer
34     and maintainer. Beldin and many other developers later regrouped as
35     eggdrop.org and developed Eggdrop up through version 1.3.23.
37     Below is a partial list of major contributors and core Eggdrop community
38     members during 1.2 and 1.3 up through version 1.3.23:
40     Beldin, BoGuS, ButchBub, Daklop, dk, dtM, easton, Ernst, KingKurly, Kirk,
41     Melvan, |mmortal, NC, poptix, Q, Raistlin, smok, tdmarti, TheGhost, vod,
42     wheely, zarni
44     After version 1.3.23, Beldin decided to discontinue development of the 1.3.x
45     branch and instead focus solely on 'Eggdrop2' development.
47     Unfortunately, 'Eggdrop2' took more resources to compile and run than 1.3.x.
48     Most users also found it difficult and sometimes impossible to compile
49     because it lacked the portability of previous versions due to having been
50     written in C++ instead of C. Because of its limitations, users continued to
51     favor the more established 1.3.x codebase.
53     After Beldin and a number of other developers publicly stated their intent
54     to discontinue all development of 1.3.x after 1.3.23, a new development
55     group began to form made up of other Eggdrop community members. This group
56     eventually organized as eggheads.org.
58     Because of the large number of outstanding bugs in 1.3.23 and community
59     interest in continuing 1.3.x development, a new version was created from the
60     numerous patches that had piled up after work on 1.3.x had stopped. This new
61     version was released as 1.3.24i. The 'i' stood for independent and was
62     intended to show that this release was independent of the "official"
63     development group. The 'i' was dropped for the 1.3.25 and later releases.
65     Below is a list of developers and contributors for version 1.3.24i released
66     by eggheads.org on March 5, 1999:
68     arthur2, Bass, Beige, Crotale, Daemus, deadgrrrl, Dude, guppy, Lobo^Loco,
69     Niggurath, paralyse, Shayne, slennox, TheUnknown, TiTi, Tothwolf, vod,
70     Whicked
72     Eggdrop development after 1.3.24i has continued under eggheads.org up through
73 pseudo 1.2 versions 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x and currently 1.8.x.
74 simple 1.1
75     Below are lists of major contributors and core Eggdrop community members for
76 pseudo 1.2 versions 1.3.24i-1.3.28, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.8.x.
77 simple 1.1
78     1.3.24i-1.3.28:
80     arthur2, Crotale, Cybah, Daemus, drummer, dw, Eule, Fabian, guppy, Jason
81     Ede, John`, Michael, Mixter, poptix, Tothwolf
83     1.4:
85     arthur2, drummer, dw, Eugene, Eule, Fabian, guppy, Jason Ede, Lucas, rtc,
86     Sup, toot, Tothwolf, Wiktor
88     1.5:
90     drummer, Eule, Fabian, G`Quann, guppy, Jason Ede, Sup, Tothwolf, Wiktor
92     1.6:
94     Abraham, BarkerJr, bryand, darko``, drummer, dw, Eugene, Eule, Fabian,
95     guppy, ITE, Kirben, Noyga, poptix, PPSlim, pseudo, simple, [sL], stdarg,
96     Sup, SuperS, Sven, TaKeDa, thommey, Tothwolf, Wcc, Wiktor, Wingman
98 pseudo 1.2 1.8:
99     pseudo, simple, thommey
100 simple 1.1
101     See also: THANKS, doc/Versions, doc/Changes
103     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
105     Copyright (C) 1997 Robey Pointer
106     Copyright (C) 1999 - 2010 Eggheads Development Team

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