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1 tothwolf 1.3 $Id: PARTYLINE,v 1.2 2005/01/21 01:43:37 wcc Exp $
2 wcc 1.1
3     The Party Line
4     Last revised: December 31, 2001
5     _____________________________________________________________________
7     The Party Line
10     The most important way you will communicate with your bot is through
11     the party line. The party line is accessible via DCC chat or telnet.
12     It's pretty much just a miniature, lag-less IRC (see doc/BOTNET), but
13     it also consists of a console through which you can watch channel
14     activity and give commands.
16     To enter the party line, DCC chat or open a telnet connection to your
17     bot. It should ask for your password if you've set one. If you don't
18     have one set, use the /msg <bot> PASS <new password> command to set one.
20     The party line is actually split up into 200,000 "channels". The console
21     is available from each channel, but you can only talk to people who are
22     on your current channel (just like IRC). Channel 0 is the main party
23     line, while others are typically reserved for private conversations.
24     Channels 1-99,999 are botnet wide chat channels and any user joining
25     that channel anywhere on the botnet will be able to chat with you.
26     Channels *0-*99,999 are local channels (only people on the bot you
27     are on can chat with you on these channels).
29     Console commands start with a dot (.), similar to the slash (/) used
30     for IRC commands. At any time, you can type ".help all" to get a list
31     of all possible commands. To find out what a command does, use ".help
32     <command>". For example: ".help channel".
34     When you're on the party line, anything you type that doesn't start with
35     a dot (.), a comma (,), or an apostrophe (') is considered to be
36     broadcast to everyone else, just like talking on a channel. A message
37     prefixed with a comma goes only to other bot owners (+n). A message
38     prefixed with an apostrophe is sent to all users on the local bot only.
39     You can change channels with the ".chat" command or even leave all
40     channels with ".chat off".
41     _____________________________________________________________________
43 tothwolf 1.3 Copyright (C) 2002 - 2006 Eggheads Development Team

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