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Mon Sep 13 14:36:18 1999 UTC (21 years, 5 months ago) by segfault
Branch: MAIN
Initial commit based off of .29 cvs

1 segfault 1.1 These are the example scripts that come with eggdrop. They're meant
2     to be useful AND to introduce Tcl to those who haven't dealt with it
3     before. Even people who program in Tcl may be confused by eggdrop's
4     implementation at first, because so many commands were added to
5     interface the bot.
7     action.fix.tcl
8     gets rid of those ugly /me's people do instead of a .me.
10     alltools.tcl
11     toolbox.tcl, toolkit.tcl and a few more tools all in 1 file
12     toolbox.tcl
13     cmwagner's collection of handy proc's
14     toolkit.tcl
15     a few useful proc's that may be required by other Tcl scripts
17     autobotchk
18     tcl script used to crontab your Eggdrop
19     usage: ./autobotchk eggdrop.conf.dist
21     botchk
22     A shell script which can be used for auto-starting the bot via 'cron'.
24     compat.tcl
25     maps old tcl functions to new ones, for lazy people who can't be bothered
26     updating their scripts
28     getops-2.2d.tcl
29     a way to get ops from other bots on the botnet (if they're on the
30     same channel)
32     klined.tcl
33     removes servers from your server list that your bot has been k-lined on
34     to prevent admins getting peeved with constant connects from your bot's host
36     notes2.tcl
37     Check your notes on every shared bot of the hub.
39     ques4.tcl
40     makes web pages of who's on each channel, updated periodically
41     (requires toolkit.tcl)
43     sentinel1.54.tcl (by slennox)
44     flood protection script for eggdrop 1.3.17 and later, with integrated
45     BitchX CTCP simulation. this script is designed to provide strong
46     protection for your bot and channels against large floodnets and proxy
47     floods.
49     userinfo1.0.tcl
50     cute user info settings things
52     weed
53     weed out certain undesirables from an eggdrop userlist

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