News - Last revised: April 16, 2003

What's new? First, read the following documents:

All of these documents combined will help fill you in on the latest changes to Eggdrop in version 1.6.x.

A lot of things have changed in this version, so at a minimum, read the Changes1.6 text file. Changes shows what's been added and fixed along the way.

If you are upgrading from a pre-1.6 version of Eggdrop:

  1. Before you start the bot for the first time, BACKUP your userfile.

Changes made to Eggdrop 1.6.x from Eggdrop1.4.x:


Support for IRCnet !channels was added to Eggdrop. This might still be a bit buggy. We appreciate bug reports!


This new channel setting replaces the old 'allow-desync' config file setting. It is useful if you use some type of ChanServ or if you don't care about your channel being desynched.

Asynchronous Dns Module

Eggdrop 1.6 is shipped with a new module, the dns module. It replaces those old dns-lookups performed by Eggdrop which could halt the whole bot during a timeout. We also added a new Tcl command, 'dnslookup', so scripts can now use DNS functions asynchronously, too. See Dns Module for more information.

Compress Module

A new module called compress was introduced to Eggdrop. It provides gzip support to Eggdrop via Tcl commands and enables compressed userfile transfer. See Compress Module for more information.

Share Module

The share module has a new setting now (override-bots) which allows hub bots to override the leaf bots' bot settings (botaddress, telnet port, and password). Please note that this won't work with a version 1.4 or below bot. See Share Module for more information.

Transfer / Filesys Modules

The filesys and transfer modules have changed completely. Both can now handle unlimited filename lengths and description sizes. Incomplete downloads from the bot can also now be resumed. The db format of the filesys module was changed to remove the limits imposed by the old format. There's nothing special for you to do, as the old db is automatically converted to the new format when you first access it. You won't be able to downgrade to older versions after this, so you may want to make a backup first. See Transfer Module and Filesys Module for more information.

Uptime Module

This module reports uptime statistics to Go look and see what your uptime is! It takes about 9 hours to show up, so if your bot isn't listed, try again later. See Uptime Module for more information.

DCC Commands

Channel Modes

Support for IRCnet negative limits and DALnet's +R, +M, and +c channel modes has been added. Eggdrop now also supports halfops (+h).

Config Files

Penalty Calculation

Eggdrop calculates penalty points on IRCnet now, so it won't flood itself off anymore.

Tcl Commands

For more information about changed or added Tcl commands, see Eggdrop Tcl Commands.

Traffic Accounting

Eggdrop now counts all of the traffic which it generates and receives through IRC, the botnet, scripts, and dcc. You can access these statistics via the dcc command '.traffic'. Please note that the counter gets reset every time a restart is done.

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