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Wed Jan 2 03:46:33 2002 UTC (19 years, 3 months ago) by guppy
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.9: +14 -13 lines
added Wcc's even_more_docs patch

1 guppy 1.10 Things that are broke, but aren't getting fixed anytime soon:
2 segfault 1.1
3 guppy 1.10 * Non-working alarm(10) in Linux (calls to gethostbyaddr/name() have
4     blocked for long periods when bind/named doesn't resolve quickly,
5     and the alarm does not interrupt it).
6 guppy 1.6
7 guppy 1.10 Note: This should now work if you use the dns module.
9     * High-bit characters are being filtered from channel names. This is
10     a fault of the Tcl interpreter, and not Eggdrop. The Tcl interpreter
11     filters the characters when it reads a file for interpreting. Update
12     your Tcl to version 8.1 or higher.
14     * Version 8.1 of Tcl doesn't support unicode characters, for example, รจ.
15     If those characters are handled in a script as text, you run into errors.
16     Eggdrop can't handle these errors at the moment.

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