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1 guppy 1.46 $Id: README,v 1.45 2007-04-21 04:38:19 wcc Exp $
2 wcc 1.36
3 wcc 1.28 Readme
4     Last revised: June 5, 2002
5     _________________________________________________________________
7     Readme
10 wcc 1.32 Please at least SKIM this document before asking questions. In fact, READ IT
11     if you've never successfully set up an Eggdrop bot before. PLEASE! READ IT!
12 wcc 1.28
13     Contents
15     0. Important notice
16     1. What is Eggdrop?
17     2. How do I get Eggdrop?
18     2a. How to get the latest version of Eggdrop via CVS
19     3. Quick startup
20     4. Upgrading
21     4a. Upgrading from a pre-1.3 version to 1.6
22     4b. Upgrading from an older 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 version to a newer one
23     5. Command line
24     6. Frequently Asked Questions
25     6a. What do I do if I get the error "User file not found"?
26     6b. My Eggdrop won't run; It just says "Can't find your hostname!"
27     6c. What the Heck is Tcl?
28     6d. My bot dies and the last entry in the logfile is "Received terminate
29     signal". What does that mean and can I prevent it?
30 wcc 1.40 6e. Someone else set up a bot I don't like. Are there any backdoors I
31 wcc 1.28 can use to take their bot down?
32 wcc 1.40 6f. What are modules?
33     6g. Can I compile Eggdrop without dynamic modules?
34     6g1. Do I still need to "loadmodule" modules?
35     6h. Where can I get a pre-compiled Eggdrop for my computer?
36     6i. I get "Makefile:3 : invalid operator" or some such thing when I
37 wcc 1.28 try to "make".
38 wcc 1.40 6j. When I "tclsh scripts/weed <userfile> c" It barfs chunks at me
39 wcc 1.28 and dies.
40 wcc 1.40 6k. I get "ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libtcl80.so.1" not found" or
41 wcc 1.28 "eggdrop: error in loading shared libraries / libtcl8.1.so: cannot
42     open shared object file: No such file or directory" when I try to
43     start my bot.
44 wcc 1.40 6l. I get a whole pile of "unresolved symbol 'Tcl_AppendResult'" (or
45 wcc 1.28 some other symbol) when I try to load a module.
46     7. Setting up a crontab
47     7a. Setting up a crontab using autobotchk
48     8. Boring legal stuff
49     9. Mailing list
50     10. Documentation
51     11. Obtaining help
53     _________________________________________________________________
56     (0) NOTICE
58 wcc 1.29 Please read this file carefully before trying to set up Eggdrop. Also,
59     make SURE that you select your +n (owner) users wisely! They have 100%
60     access to your bot and account! ONLY GIVE THIS POWER TO SOMEONE YOU
62 wcc 1.28
64     (1) WHAT IS EGGDROP?
66 wcc 1.40 Eggdrop is the World's most popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot; it is
67 wcc 1.29 freely distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop
68     is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon by
69     both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software
70     platforms.
72     An IRC bot is a program that sits on an IRC channel and preforms automated
73     tasks while looking just like a normal user on the channel. Some of these
74     functions include protecting the channel from abuse, allowing privileged
75     users to gain op or voice status, logging channel events, providing
76     information, hosting games, etc.
78     One of the features that makes Eggdrop stand out from other bots is module
79     and Tcl scripting support. With scripts and modules, you can make the bot
80     preform almost any task you want. They can do anything from preventing
81     floods to greeting users and banning advertisers from channels.
83     You can also link multiple Eggdrop bots together to form a botnet. This
84     can allow bots to op each other securely, control floods efficiently, and
85     even link channels across multiple IRC networks. It also allows the
86     Eggdrops share user lists, ban lists, exempt/invite lists, and ignore
87     lists with other bots if userfile sharing is enabled. This allows users
88     to have the same access on every bot on your botnet. It also allows the
89     bots to distribute tasks such as opping and banning users. See doc/BOTNET
90     for information on setting up a botnet.
92     Eggdrop is always being improved and adjusted because there are bugs to
93     be fixed and features to be added (if the users demand them, and they make
94     actually sense). In fact, it existed for several years as v0.7 - v0.9
95     before finally going 1.0. This version of Eggdrop is part of the 1.6 tree.
96     A valiant effort has been made to chase down and destroy bugs.
98     This README file contains information about how to get Eggdrop, command
99     line options for Eggdrop, what you may need to do when upgrading from
100     older versions, a list of frequently asked questions, how to set up a
101     crontab, some boring legal stuff, info about the mailing list (a great
102     place to ask questions, and a good place to report bugs, too), some basics
103     about CVS usage, and some channels where you might get help with Eggdrop.
104 wcc 1.28
106     (2) HOW TO GET EGGDROP
108 wcc 1.29 Before you can compile Eggdrop, you need to have Tcl installed on your
109     system. Most systems should have Tcl on them by now -- you can check by
110     trying the command "tclsh". If it works, you will be given a "%" prompt,
111     and you can type "exit" to exit the program. This means Tcl is installed
112     on your system. If tclsh doesn't load, then Tcl probably isn't on your
113     system, and you will need to install it. The best ftp site for Tcl is
114 wcc 1.33 ftp://tcl.activestate.com/pub/tcl/.
115 wcc 1.29
116     Tcl comes with the most distributions of Linux. HOWEVER, the one that comes
117     on Slackware 3.0 is goofed up and you'll have to re-install it for yourself
118     to get it working.
119 fabian 1.7
120 wcc 1.29 Currently, the 1.6 tree of Eggdrop is developed at eggheads.org. You can
121     get the latest version of Eggdrop from the following url:
122 fabian 1.7
123 wcc 1.29 http://www.geteggdrop.com
124 fabian 1.7
125 wcc 1.29 You might try www.eggheads.org for help and information.
126 fabian 1.7
128 wcc 1.28 (2a) CVS USAGE
129 guppy 1.21
130 wcc 1.29 You can obtain the VERY LATEST version of Eggdrop, that is still under
131     development, by using CVS. CVS means 'Concurrent Versions System' and is
132     a tool for developers to always keep source code up to date. Try 'man cvs'
133     on your shell for more information about CVS.
134 guppy 1.21
135 wcc 1.29 This is intended only for users that know a good bit about Eggdrop. Be
136     aware that the versions of Eggdrop that you get via CVS are still being
137 wcc 1.38 developed, and may be buggy. The Eggheads Development Team will in NO WAY
138     take any responsibility for whatever might happen to you or your shell if
139 wcc 1.29 you use a CVS version of Eggdrop.
140 guppy 1.21
141 wcc 1.29 To obtain Eggdrop over CVS, do as follows:
142 guppy 1.21
143 wcc 1.29 1. Log into your shell.
144 guppy 1.21
145 wcc 1.29 2. Type: 'export
146     CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.eggheads.org:/usr/local/cvsroot'.
147 guppy 1.21
148 wcc 1.29 3. Type 'cvs login'.
149 guppy 1.21
150 wcc 1.29 4. Press <enter> when prompted for a password.
151 guppy 1.21
152 wcc 1.29 5. In your home dir, type 'cvs checkout eggdrop1.6'
153 fabian 1.7
154 wcc 1.29 6. In ~/eggdrop1.6, you should have a copy of the latest CVS version
155     of Eggdrop.
156 fabian 1.7
157 wcc 1.29 Notes:
158 guppy 1.21
159 wcc 1.29 o You can 'cvs logout', but you don't need to.
160 guppy 1.21
161 wcc 1.29 o You don't need to go through this whole process every time. If you
162     want to get a CVS version of Eggdrop at a later time, you can just
163 wcc 1.36 'cd ~/eggdrop1.6' and type 'cvs update -CdAP'.
164 wcc 1.24
165 wcc 1.29 o If you experience errors when using 'export', you might be using tclsh
166     as a shell. If so, try using the command 'setenv' instead of 'export':
167 fabian 1.7
168 wcc 1.29 setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anonymous@cvs.eggheads.org:/usr/local/cvsroot
169 fabian 1.7
171 wcc 1.28 (3) QUICK STARTUP
172 fabian 1.7
173 wcc 1.29 Please see the 'INSTALL' file AFTER you finish reading this file.
174 fabian 1.7
176 wcc 1.28 (4) UPGRADING
177 guppy 1.21
179 wcc 1.28 (4a) UPGRADING FROM A PRE-1.3 VERSION TO 1.6
180 guppy 1.21
181 wcc 1.29 #### BACK UP YOUR USERFILE ####
182 guppy 1.21
183 wcc 1.29 We can't stress this enough. If you are upgrading and you have even a
184     slight possibility of downgrading again later, you will HAVE to back up
185     your userfile, or you will lose it. v1.3 of Eggdrop radically changed a
186     lot of things.
188     There are many major changes between v0.9, v1.0, v1.1 and v1.6, so PAY
189     ATTENTION to this part if you have a v0.9, 1.0 or 1.1 bot currently. If
190     you're just starting out, you can skip this section.
192     If you run share bots, you will need to upgrade them all at the same time
193     because of the new userfile format. Older bots will be able to link in,
194     but will not get or send a userfile. MAKE A NEW CONFIG FILE from the
195     example; there are some radical changes.
197     If you are upgrading from 0.9/1.0 to 1.6, just redo the whole thing.
198     Absolutely everything has changed, including the userfile and config file
199     formats.
201     If you are upgrading from 1.1/1.2 to 1.6, you will likely want to redo
202     the config file, as much as changed. BACK UP! You will need to run 'tclsh
203     scripts/weed/<userfile> c' to convert your userfile from v3 (1.1/1.2) to
204     v4 (1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6).
205 wcc 1.24
207 wcc 1.28 (4b) UPGRADING FROM AN OLDER 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 VERSION TO A NEWER 1.6 VERSION
208 wcc 1.24
209 wcc 1.29 If you followed the 'INSTALL' file and did a 'make install' (or 'make
210     install DEST="path"') after 'make', this will be pretty easy. Just upload
211     the new eggdrop1.6.x.tar.gz file to your home dir on your shell, gunzip
212     and untar it, and type 'cd ~/eggdrop1.6.x'. Next, type './configure',
213     'make config' or 'make iconfig', then 'make'. Then, kill the bot ('.die'
214     on the party line), and 'make install' to the same directory your bot
215     is currently in. After that, you can just restart your bot. You may wish
216     to delete the old Eggdrop executable and modules as well, especially if
217     you have limited disk space.
219 wcc 1.30 You should read through the new eggdrop.conf file for all of the new
220     options in Eggdrop 1.6.x if you are upgrading from 1.3.x or 1.4.x. You
221     can copy and paste any of these settings into you current conf file if
222     you do not want to use the default settings.
223 wcc 1.28
225     (5) COMMAND LINE
227 wcc 1.29 Eggdrop has some command-line options -- not many, because most things
228     should be defined through the config file. However, sometimes you may
229     want to start up the bot in a different mode, and the command-line
230     options let you do that. Basically, the command line for Eggdrop is:
232     % eggdrop [options] [config-file]
234     The options available are:
236     -n: Don't background. Normally, Eggdrop will move itself into the
237     background when you start it up, meaning you'll get another shell
238     prompt, and you can do other things while the bot is running. With
239     -n, you won't return to the shell prompt until the bot exits (which
240     won't normally happen until it's killed). By default, -n will send
241     all log entries to the console.
243     -nt: Don't background, use terminal. This is just like -n, except that
244     instead of seeing log entries, your console will simulate a DCC
245     chat with the bot.
247     -nc: Don't background, show channel info. This is just like -n, except
248     that instead of seeing log entries, every 10 seconds your screen
249     will clear and you will see the current channel status, sort of
250     like "top".
252     -m: Create userfile. If you don't have a userfile, this will make Eggdrop
253     create one and give owner status to the first person that introduces
254     himself or herself to it. You'll need to do this when you first set
255     up your bot.
256 wcc 1.24
257 wcc 1.41 -h: Show help.
259 wcc 1.29 -v: Show version info, then quit.
260 wcc 1.24
261 wcc 1.29 Most people never use any of the options except -m, and you usually only
262     need to use that once.
263 wcc 1.28
265     (6) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (or "Why doesn't this thing work?")
268 wcc 1.28
269 wcc 1.35 1. Run Eggdrop with the "-m" option (i.e. "eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf").
270 wcc 1.28
271 wcc 1.35 2. Go to IRC and send "hello" to your bot (i.e. "/msg mybot hello").
272 wcc 1.28
273 wcc 1.29 3. You will become an owner on your bot. You can leave the bot running
274     (nobody else will become an owner if they say "hello"), but in the
275     future, don't use the "-m" option when running the bot.
276 wcc 1.28
278 wcc 1.28
279 wcc 1.29 Your machine is set up strangely, and Eggdrop can't figure out its
280     network hostname. You can get around this by setting the my-ip setting
281     in the config file correctly.
282 wcc 1.28
283 wcc 1.29 6c. WHAT THE HECK IS Tcl?
284 wcc 1.28
285 wcc 1.29 Tcl is a scripting language written by John Ousterhout. It's much better
286     than most "built-in" script languages (like the one in ircII) and is
287     meant to be linked with anything needing a scripting language, so I
288     linked it with Eggdrop. The file "tcl-commands.doc" in the doc directory
289     contains a list of additional Tcl commands provided by Eggdrop. There
290     are also several example scripts in the scripts/ directory, and one in
291     the doc directory called first_script.txt. Hundreds of scripts floating
292     around on the ftp/web sites if you like working by example (which is
293     typically the best way).
294 wcc 1.28
297 wcc 1.28
298 wcc 1.29 There's nothing you can do to prevent it. It means the system
299     administrator is killing the Eggdrop process. Most of the time, it's an
300     automatic thing that happens when the system is being rebooted, so it's
301     harmless. If you have a crontab running, the bot will get restarted when
302     the system is back online. Occasionally, the system administrator will
303     kill the bot manually. For example, if he/she doesn't want bots running
304     on the system.
305 wcc 1.28
308 wcc 1.24
309 wcc 1.29 No, there have never been any backdoors and there never will be, so
310     please stop asking. Every once in a while, someone finds a way to
311     exploit a bug in Eggdrop, but we fix these bugs as soon as we find out
312     about them. If you want to bring down someone else's bot, you will not
313     have my/our help.
314 fabian 1.7
315 wcc 1.40 6f. WHAT ARE MODULES?
316 fabian 1.7
317 wcc 1.29 Modules are a way of adding extra features to the bot, much like Tcl
318     scripts, without requiring the bot to be recompiled. See doc/MODULES
319     for more information.
320 wcc 1.28
322 wcc 1.28
323 wcc 1.29 Yes, you can. If the configure script detects that your system CAN'T
324     run modules, it will setup 'make' to link the modules in statically
325     for you. You can choose this option yourself by using 'make static'.
326     You can also try to compile dynamic modules on a static-only system
327     by using 'make eggdrop'.
328 wcc 1.28
329 wcc 1.40 6g1. DO I STILL NEED TO 'loadmodule' MODULES?
330 wcc 1.28
331 wcc 1.29 YES, when you compile statically, all the modules are linked into the
332     main executable. HOWEVER, they are not enabled until you use loadmodule
333     to enable them, hence you get nearly the same functionality with static
334     modules as with dynamic modules.
335 wcc 1.28
337 wcc 1.28
338 wcc 1.29 It is HIGHLY recommended AGAINST using pre-compiled Eggdrops from
339     un-trusted sources. Eggdrop has been a regular target for hacking and
340     crashing. Distribution of pre-compiled (binary) versions of Eggdrop are
341     the easiest way for hackers to provide you with the easiest (and most
342     dangerous) way of gaining access to, not only your bot, but to your
343     computer account directly. Don't advertise your pre-compiled Eggdrop
344     binary sites on the Eggdrop list either. =P
345 wcc 1.28
346 wcc 1.40 6i. I GET 'Makefile:3 :invalid operator' OR SOME-SUCH-THING WHEN I TRY
347 wcc 1.29 TO 'make'.
348 wcc 1.28
349 wcc 1.29 Try 'gmake'.
350 wcc 1.28
351 wcc 1.40 6j. WHEN I 'tclsh scripts/weed <userfile> c' IT BARFS CHUNKS AT ME AND
352 wcc 1.29 DIES. :(
353 wcc 1.28
354 wcc 1.29 Upgrade your Tcl. You are probably using Tcl 7.5 or earlier. Some of the
355     commands in weed require Tcl7.6 to run, so either upgrade it or remove
356     the offending lines from you userfile manually (those starting with '.'
357     generally) and accept the loss of that data.
358 wcc 1.28
359 wcc 1.40 6k. I GET "ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libtcl80.so.1" not found" or
360 wcc 1.29 "eggdrop: error in loading shared libraries libtcl8.1.so: \
361     cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" WHEN I TRY
362     TO START MY BOT.
363 wcc 1.28
364 wcc 1.29 './configure' is looking in the wrong place for Tcl; it looks like it
365     compiled with one version of Tcl and tries to load another. Maybe your
366     sysadmin upgraded Tcl and didn't tell you. In that case, you should just
367     need to recompile your bot.
368 wcc 1.28
369 wcc 1.29 Maybe, when upgrading, he didn't clean the old version of Tcl and
370     './configure' is looking for the files in the wrong places, or trying
371     to use different versions of tcl.h and libtcl*. Smack your admin and
372     have him install Tcl properly. ;)
373 wcc 1.28
374 wcc 1.29 You can also try:
375 fabian 1.7
376 wcc 1.29 ./configure --with-tcllib=<path-to-tcl-lib>
377     --with-tclinc=<path-to-tcl-inc>
378 fabian 1.7
379 wcc 1.29 This will tell configure where to look for the Tcl files.
380 guppy 1.21
381 wcc 1.29 Try looking for libtcl by:
382 segfault 1.1
383 wcc 1.29 ls /usr/lib/libtcl*
384     ls /usr/local/lib/libtcl*
385 segfault 1.1
386 wcc 1.29 Try looking for tcl.h by:
387 segfault 1.1
388 wcc 1.29 ls /usr/include/tcl.h
389     ls /usr/local/include/tcl.h
390 segfault 1.1
391 wcc 1.29 If everything else fails, try to install Tcl to your home dir ;)
392     (Suggested by dw@Undernet, dw@lixom.nu)
393 wcc 1.24
394 wcc 1.40 6l. I GET A WHOLE PILE OF "Unresolved symbol 'Tcl_AppendResult'" (OR SOME
396 guppy 1.21
397 wcc 1.40 POSSIBILITY A: See section 6k.
398 fabian 1.7
399 wcc 1.29 POSSIBILITY B:
400 wcc 1.24
401 wcc 1.29 Some of the standard libraries have been compiled for static linking
402     only on your machine, you have 3 options:
403 wcc 1.24
404 wcc 1.29 1. If it's your own machine, recompile Tcl using dynamic linking by
405     using './configure --enable-shared' when you configure Tcl (not
406     the bot) and then remake, and reinstall.
407 fabian 1.7
408 wcc 1.39 2. If it's not your machine, you may have to resort to 'make static'
409 wcc 1.29 and 'make install DEST="path"' to make and install your bot.
410 wcc 1.28
411 wcc 1.29 3. If you are of a more aggressive sense of mind, go beat the
412     stuffing out of your admin for having lame static libraries. :)
413 wcc 1.28
417 wcc 1.29 Eggdrop has become more stable with time, thanks mostly to people
418     reporting bug details and helping find places where it crashes. However,
419     there are still a -few- places where things aren't perfect. Few, if any,
420     things in life are.
421 wcc 1.28
422 wcc 1.29 Also, most systems go down from time to time. These things cause your bot
423     to disappear from IRC, and you have to restart it.
424 fabian 1.7
425 wcc 1.29 Eggdrop comes with a shell script called 'botchk' that will help keep the
426     bot online. It will make the machine check every ten minutes to make sure
427     your bot is still running. To use it, you have to add a line to your
428     crontab. First, edit 'botchk' and change the directory and command line
429     parameters so that it will be able to start up your bot. Then, add this
430     line to your crontab:
431 guppy 1.21
432 wcc 1.29 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/mydir/botchk
433 guppy 1.21
434 wcc 1.29 If you don't want to get e-mails from cron, use this:
435 guppy 1.21
436 wcc 1.29 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/mydir/botchk >/dev/null 2>&1
437 fabian 1.7
438 wcc 1.29 Naturally, you need to change the path to the correct path for botchk. If
439     you've never used crontab before, here is a simple way to add that line:
440 fabian 1.7
441 wcc 1.29 1. Create a new file called 'mycron' and put the above line into it.
442 guppy 1.21
443 wcc 1.29 2. From your shell prompt, type '% crontab mycron'.
444 guppy 1.21
445 wcc 1.29 That will create a new crontab entry for you with a line that runs botchk
446     every ten minutes. Botchk will then restart the bot when necessary (and
447     send you email informing you).
448 guppy 1.21
451 guppy 1.21
452 wcc 1.29 Included with your Eggdrop is an Eggdrop utility called 'autobotchk'.
453     Using autobotchk is probably the fastest way of creating your botchk and
454     crontabbing it with just a few required steps:
455 guppy 1.21
456 wcc 1.29 1. Type 'cp scripts/autobotchk ..'.
457 guppy 1.21
458 wcc 1.29 2. Type './autobotchk <Eggdrop config file>'.
459 fabian 1.7
460 wcc 1.29 This will hopefully crontab your bot using the default setup. If you want
461     a list of autobotchk options, type './autobotchk'. An example with options
462     would be:
463 fabian 1.7
464 wcc 1.29 ./autobotchk <Eggdrop config file> -noemail -5
465 guppy 1.21
466 wcc 1.29 This would setup crontab to run the botchk every 5 minutes and also to
467     not send you e-mail saying that it restarted your bot.
468 fabian 1.7
470 wcc 1.28 (8) BORING LEGAL STUFF
471 fabian 1.7
472 wcc 1.40 The Eggdrop bot is Copyright (C) by Robey Pointer. As of January, 1997,
473 wcc 1.29 Eggdrop is distributed according to the GNU General Public License. There
474     should be a copy of this license in the file 'COPYING'. If not, write to
475     the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
477 wcc 1.40 As of Eggdrop 1.3.28, all changes made by the Eggheads Development Team to
478     the Eggdrop source code and any related files are Copyright (C) by Eggheads
479     Development Team. The source code will still be distributed according to
480     the GNU General Public License as Robey Pointer did in the past.
481 wcc 1.29
482     Releases previous to 1.0m were made using a different licensing scheme.
483     You may, at your option, use the GNU General Public License on those
484     versions (instead of the license packaged with them) with my blessing.
485     For any versions bearing a copyright date of 1997 or later, you have
486     no choice -- you must use the GNU General Public License.
488     The files "match.c", "net.c", and "blowfish.c" are exempt from the above
489     restrictions. "match.c" is original code by Chris Fuller (email:
490     crf@cfox.bchs.uh.edu) and has been placed by him into the public domain.
491 tothwolf 1.43 "net.c" is by me, and I [Robey Pointer] also choose to place it in the
492     public domain. "blowfish.c" is by various sources and is in the public
493     domain as well. All 3 files contain useful functions that could easily
494     be ported to other applications.
495 fabian 1.7
496 wcc 1.29 Tcl is by John Ousterhout and is in no way affiliated with Eggdrop. It
497     likely has its own set of copyrights and whatnots.
498 guppy 1.21
499 wcc 1.29 There is no warranty, implied or whatever. You use this software at your
500     own risk, no matter what purpose you put it to.
501 guppy 1.21
503 wcc 1.28 (9) MAILING LIST
504 guppy 1.21
505 wcc 1.29 There are currently a couple of mailing lists about Eggdrop.
506     eggheads@eggheads.org is the one relevant for posts about Eggdrop 1.4 and
507     up (suggestions, help, etc).
509     To subscribe to the eggheads mailing list, send e-mail to
510     eggheads-request@eggheads.org. In the body of the message, put "subscribe
511     eggheads". You can also go to the following url:
513     http://scrambled.eggheads.org/mailman/listinfo/eggheads
517     Robey is no longer developing the Eggdrop code, so don't bother e-mailing
518     him. If you have a serious problem, email the eggheads mailing list and
519     it will get to the coders.
521     Please, before posting to this list, see what things are like. When you do
522     post, read over your post for readability, spelling, and grammar mistakes.
523     Obviously, we're all human (or are we?) and we all make mistakes (heck,
524     look at this document! ;).
526     Open discussion and debate is integral to change and progress. Don't flame
527     others over mere form (grammar and spelling), or even substantive issues
528     for that matter. Please read and follow the mailing list rules.
530     The eggheads@eggheads.org mailing list is not dedicated to those all too
531     common questions we have all seen on other lists... For example:
533     o "Why does my bot say this: Please edit your config file."
534     o "How do I telnet my bot?"
535     o "Where do I get Eggdrop for windows??????"
537     Technical questions, your thoughts or suggestions on new features being
538     added to Eggdrop, things that should be removed or fixed, amazing problems
539     that even stump the guru's, etc. are what we want to see here.
541     Bug reports should be sent to bugs@eggheads.org. Please read and fill out
542     the BUG-REPORT file in the doc directory.
547 fabian 1.7
548 guppy 1.18
549 wcc 1.28 (10) DOCUMENTATION
550 fabian 1.7
551 wcc 1.29 We're trying to keep the documentation up to date. If you feel that
552     anything is missing here or that anything should be added, etc, please
553 wcc 1.40 e-mail bugs@eggheads.org about it. Thank you.
554 guppy 1.21
555 fabian 1.7
556 wcc 1.28 (11) OBTAINING HELP
557 fabian 1.7
558 wcc 1.29 You can obtain help with Eggdrop in the following IRC channels:
559 fabian 1.7
560 wcc 1.29 Undernet - #eggdrop, #eggies
561     EFnet - #egghelp, #eggfaq
562     IRCnet - #eggdrop
563     DALnet - #eggdrop, #botcentral
564 wcc 1.41 FreeNode - #eggdrop, #egghelp
565     QuakeNet - #eggdrop.support
566 fabian 1.7
567 wcc 1.29 If you plan to ask questions in any of the above channels, you should be
568     familiar with and follow IRC etiquette.
569 guppy 1.21
570 wcc 1.29 o Don't type using CAPITAL letters, colors, or bold.
571 guppy 1.21
572 wcc 1.29 o Don't use "!" and "?" excessively.
573 guppy 1.21
574 wcc 1.29 o Don't /msg people without their permission.
575 guppy 1.21
576 wcc 1.29 o Don't repeat or paste large amounts of text to the channel.
577 johoho 1.8
578 wcc 1.29 If there are any other serious Eggdrop related channels that should be
579     added to the above list, please let us know.
580 fabian 1.7
581 guppy 1.21 ________________________________________________________________________
582 fabian 1.7
583 guppy 1.14 Copyright (C) 1997 Robey Pointer
584 guppy 1.46 Copyright (C) 1999 - 2008 Eggheads Development Team
585 wcc 1.40

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