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1 Some little tricks that you may or may not know about...
3 * You can "lock" a user's info line by putting a '@' as the first letter.
4 They won't be able to change it any more.
6 * '.status all' will dump out virtually everything you have configured on
7 your bot
9 * TCL has a command 'info body <proc>' that will list the contents of a
10 proc. 'info args <proc>' shows what you have defined as the parameters
11 for the proc.
13 * You can rename a builtin command by binding over it. To rename '.status'
14 to '.report', you'd do:
15 unbind dcc - status *dcc:status
16 bind dcc m report *dcc:status
17 The first line removes the builtin binding on '.status', and the second
18 line binds '.report' to the builtin status function. Other built-in command
19 examples include:
20 unbind msg - status *msg:status
21 bind msg m report *msg:status
22 and:
23 unbind fil - share *fil:share
24 bind fil m link *fil:share
26 * You can unlink all bots and clear out the botnet info from memory by
27 using '.unlink *'. It erases all channel assoc's and everything.
29 * You can automagically make a ban sticky by adding a * as the first
30 character in the ban reason.
32 * You can add a user with a static hostmask when using .adduser by prefixing
33 their nick by !.
34 ie with a hostmask of drummer!ident@some.host.com
35 .adduser drummer
36 uses *!ident@*.host.com
37 .adduser !drummer
38 uses *!ident@some.host.com
40 * If you don't want your logfiles to be deleted after two days and
41 don't want the bot to create a new logfile each new day, then set
42 'keep-all-logs' to 0 and 'switch-logfiles-at' to 2500 in your bot
43 config file to make it keeping one logfile all the time. However this
44 is not recommended on high traffic channels.
46 * You can modify eggdrops output in partyline, kick msg and other texts by
47 editing core.english.lang in the language directory.

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